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Manage Your Self-publishing Project is an eBook that represents a unique approach to self-publishing.  It uses to flow charts and mind-maps to  graphically explain the processes.  It is intended to be a self-contained guide on the self-publishing and marketing processes. You can find links to eBook sellers on the Manage Your Self-publishing Project webpage.

ManageSelfPubThis short and simple eBook contains a wealth of information. It represents a unique approach to self-publishing and is based on the author’s lectures and webinars. It uses to flow charts and mind-maps to graphically explain the processes. It is intended to be a self-contained guide on the self-publishing and marketing processes. It won’t exactly tell you how to self-publish or market a book, but it will present the steps you need to take to get your book self-published and how to start marketing it. There are notes associated with the flow charts and the mind-maps to explain the tasks involved in that part of the process. These charts can be considered as elaborate and extensive to-do lists with time frames on when you should be addressing each to-do item.  — five stars: Fiona Ingram

In the book, processes are easier to understand with the flow charts and mind maps used, plus notes that come along with them. As it claims, it does not present the only way to self-publish. However, it gives the aspiring author guiding questions and common issues to tackle to finally get that book project organized. Also, it presents cost issues, as well as time frames for project phases that will help to keep your project timeline in check. Hank Quene writes in a simple, organized language and communication tools that help authors put their hands on their own work in an organized fashion. What is more, you can get insights on marketing that you may even apply in other fields that you may be involved in. A chunk of the work is done if you buy this book. The to-do lists have been made for you, and the trails have been marked. All you have to do is follow and adjust a process that suits you and your project.
— four stars: Maria Beltran

Hank Quense provides the aspiring self-publisher with a down-to-earth and workable set of road maps for what is a more complicated process than most authors realize. His flow charts and mind maps are great tools that will help you visualize each step in the process before you start. He provides great reference sources and sites where you can check on the providers in the business. While providing what could be a bewildering amount of information, he shows how everything can be accomplished with organization as well as attention to detail allowing proper time for each step in the process. No, he won’t write the book for you, but Hank Quense will walk you through the steps necessary to successfully publish and market your print and/or e-book.
— five stars: Jack Magnus

Manage Your Self-publishing Project really covers the waterfront: It maps out everything from publishing and budgeting to marketing. In 40 information-packed pages, it gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of what it takes to produce your ebook, get it into distribution channels, and then promote it to readers. I’m considering putting together a series of short ebooks myself and I’m glad I’ve got Hank as my ebook coach!
— Karin Abarbane

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Good grief, not another ‘How to’ book – yawn.

    Great review though Hank


  2. Avatar of Hank Quense
    Hank Quense says

    Hey Jack
    It’s not a how-to. It doesn’t tell you how to self-publish a book. Instead it offers a process to control and mange the complicated tasks involved in publishing and marketing the book

  3. Avatar of MalcolmCampbell
    MalcolmCampbell says

    There are times when I wonder whether all the people writing books, setting up blog tours, and providing other services for aspiring self-published authors are making a lot more money than the authors. I think of that old gold rush joke to the effect that those selling the shovels made the most money.

    Interesting concept for a book, though.


  4. Avatar of Hank Quense
    Hank Quense says

    HI Malcolm
    I agree with you that it’s an interesting concept. I put a lot of effort into developing flow charts that would graphically detail the complicated jobs of prepping a book for self-publishing a book and then marketing it.

    I think the people making most of the money are the scammers who prey on would-be authors who don’t understand the processes involved.

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