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Are We Alert and Ready?

Can you cheat your way to the top and not get caught? Using another man’s thoughts and work can you make it your own? Agent Ryan Conley was at the bottom of the pole working as an ATF agent. He needed a break to increase his pay scale and get a better position. When one of the agents published a book and left and his cases were dumped on his desk, at first he seemed upset. But, reading through the files Conley noted one case, one man that had killed two ATF agents, a white supremacist, anti-American and he knew or thought that he would now have his foot into a wider door. Given the chance to bring this man down and in he puts together what he thinks is the right team. But, one rogue agent and one wrong shot changed the complexion of the entire operation and the end result was anything but what Conley expected.

One year later Dr. David Richards saves a young child’s life. Lacey Paddock appeared to be dying. None of the doctors including her own father could figure out what was causing her paralysis and decline. Dr. David Richards, unconventional to say the least, found the answer. A tick! One small bug lodged in the base of her neck. Praised and given many accolades what caused his downfall now in the present? Alcohol: Sentences to the basement or dungeon at work, David Richards has to stay sober and pray that he keeps his job. Losing much more than just the respect of his boss and co-workers he is about to enter a whole new dimension and hopefully find his way back up the elevator and out of the drudgery and into the light. However, he has a long way to go.

Ben Curran is out for revenge and wants to make sure that his parent’s deaths are not forgotten. Going through legal channels hoping that the Justice Department would award him some monetary compensation for his parent’s deaths proved futile. Angered and frustrated he joins the Knights of the White Order and decides the only answer is to complete what his father started and follow in his footsteps. End result: Teach America a lesson it would never forget and how: Just wait and see!

Dr. Hiram Dunn is frustrated and needs answers. The Munsen family has all been admitted to his hospital in Hope, Arkansas with botulism. How they contracted it is unknown. Where and when: Unknown. Another family is admitted this time with the Bubonic Plague. How and where they contracted it: Unknown: Where and when: Unknown. Enter Dave Richards sent by his boss Dr. Root to do what he does best. Uncover the clues and answers that no one else can find. Use his talent and hopefully not only save lives but his job too. Enter Special Agent Paula Mascara hoping that he can help her solve the case. Together they need to race the clock and prevent what will or might become a pandemic. Death toll rising and clues at a minimum can these two find the answers.

What about the Jet Blue Tickets to New York found in both homes? What about the church group and conference both families attended? What about where the conference took place? One common denominator is all they need? Will they find it as authors Dr. David Fett and screenwriter Stephen Langford give the reader much pause for thought as they remind everyone that 9/11 really did happen. We have had anthrax outbreaks and the possibility of the swine flu reoccurring is not impossible and bioterrorist attacks are a thing of the present and not the past.

Can America handle a bioterrorist attack? Learn the clues and read the book and understand the steps needed to win the war. Dr. Dunn created The Book of procedures and protocols for those in his hospital to follow in case this happens. What happens next you won’t believe? Before it is too late can they stop what is about to happen? What is Ben Curran’s connection to all of this? Hooking up and linking with an Arab Sleeper Cell afforded him the prime opportunity he needed to succeed in his goal.

Investigating and hoping to find the answers Dave Richards comes up against many stumbling blocks including his immediate boss the Director of Counter Terrorism whose only concern is getting credit for finding Ben, the solution at any cost. As he and Agent Mushari revisit every site in New York City to backtrack the actions of the infected families they come across a video that just might help break the case and find the one person behind this terrorist plot. Three diseases: plague, botulism, rabies: which one is the disease of choice and which would prove to do the job: killing thousands if not millions of Americans that this young white supremacist has targeted for death.

Dangerous, illusive, seen talking to many people in a shopping mall, Ben Curran thinks his master plan will succeed but first he has to get rid of some lose ends and tie some knots to make sure that no one working with him can identify him or rat him out.

Written in laymen’s terms, easily understood, fast paced, sequencing events in a chronological order making it easy for the reader to follow the action as it happens every step of the way, Dave and Paula, frustrated and blindsided at many injunctions need to find a way to save thousands of people it’s too late. Frustrations, emotions and character reactions vividly described, inner thoughts revealed, allowing the reader to paint a visual image of the characters, the events this novel keeps the reader’s interest and focus throughout the entire book.

Research shared with the reader related to all three diseases- Botulism, ingested, plague airborne and comes from flea bites and rabies and animal bite: Which one is the disease that will succeed? One or all three? When several victims die and the cause is finally revealed it will shake the world of medicine, doctors will have to reassess the mode of delivery of one particular shot, and the end result will let you know that America needs to be very vigilant when dealing with drugs of any type and stricter guidelines and security measures must be in place to insure the safety of the American people. Frightening to say the least that a vaccine could become tainted and the delivery to doctors of this vaccine unknown and the medical profession compromised without knowledge as one young man seeks to avenge his parent’s death and take aim of a targeted population.

Dr. Lussier is the head of the CDC and only cares about appearances and his own fame. Wanting to receive the accolades for any success in this mission he fires Dave, pushes him aside and tries to take control of the investigation without knowing the facts or reading the information already gathered. Heading off in one direction, Dave and Paula are pulled back by an unknown benefactor and given the green light to continue on. With the support of the President and his staff, given the resources they need will Dave and Paula be able to stop this diabolical killer before there are more deaths.

Dave is resourceful, smart and when he finally figures out the mode of delivery and confronts the killer what happens next will not only surprise the reader but give you much pause for thought as this one young doctor attempts to stop one dangerous young man from completing his quest.

Racing the clock, facing his foe, trying to safe himself, his job and Paula will he succeed? An ending that will bring chills down the spine of every reader, the final result you will have to read for yourself. If the threat of a real biological attack comes to pass would America rise to the challenge? Do we have a Dave Richards and Paula Mushari to lead the way in an investigation? Can one doctor and one FBI agent work together to find the answers? America is a target and has been a target for terrorists. Airport security alone should tell you that but still many get in and do harm. Those already here we have to hope we find them before it’s too late. Others we have to be more mindful to make sure they do not get in or we get them before the deed is done.

This is one outstanding novel written by two authors in very different fields. Dave Richards and Paula Mushari seem to mesh together. Will they be back for a sequel? Ben Curran: the White Sleeper who hates anyone that is not what he feels of the superior race. Sad, but true he is not the only one out there. Let’s hope that this is not the end of the road for these two. Will Dave get his job back or will he still remain in the basement? Find out what really happens and if these two safe the day? White Sleeper: Stay awake when you read this one: You won’t want to miss a word!

Authors: Dr. David Fett and Screenwriter: Stephen Langford
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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