Review: When the Devil Whistles


Imagine making millions of dollars as a CPA and lawyer and all you have to do is blow the whistle on the big businessman who are committing fraud or other illegal crimes.

Hamilton Construction has been playing with their government; city and state contracts and doing some fancy footwork in order to hide their real income.

They even falsified their invoices to avoid paying taxes on their real company’s intake of funds and more. But, they were caught. What they did not expect: Devil to Pay run by Connor Norman, a gifted and skilled litigator and his partner professional whistle-blower Allie Whitman to find out what they were doing and the rest you will now learn as I review When the Devil Whistles by author Rick Acker.

Their primary job is to uncover contractors such as Hamilton Construction and sue them. The Department of Justice led by Max Volusca, steps in making sure that they get a share of the pie and the whistle-blower’s too.

Defrauding the government on their contracts is not the only things these companies attempt to do. There is so much more. Together these two partners take in huge salaries when defendants settle.

Getting their payment from the Hamilton Case, Allie takes a temp job with Blue Sea hoping to find uncover some fraudulent practices about this company. I guess corporate executives and those in human resources that higher need to dig deep to find out just who they are hiring and what a temp is capable of doing. Allie gets the job and her motives for taking the job are uncovered by the executives in charge. Forcing her to leave and take a job at another company called Deep Seven, she becomes involved in more than she bargained for and learns the penalty for dishonesty and more.

As Allie gets closer to the inner workings of Deep Seven and leaves another job she becomes embroiled in a web of lies, deceit and danger that she might not survive. Added to that she in a precarious situation involving meth and is being blackmailed to find out the information and investigate this company in order to ensure the one that she left, Blue Seam will get a specific contract and deep six Deep Seven with her help before anyone is the wiser. Allie’s job was to plant evidence at Deep Seven so that their bid for the Golden Gate Turbine Project would be disqualified. Unfortunately, she went along with the person in charge of Blue Sea because he had incriminating evidence against her in another crime.

Blue Sea is corrupt but Deep Seven holds more secrets and corruption. When Allie’s true purpose for working at Blue Sea is brought to light she is blackmailed by them and forced to work at Deep Seven to uncover their secrets. When she does, she places herself, her friendship with Connor and his reputation on the line. The DOJ will not go after Deep Seven and the Assistant Attorney Journal does not want to intervene. Doyle and Brown is now watching Connor and making sure that he does.

Added to this is a group of Korean businessmen who are at the helm of a ship called the Grasp II. Their purpose was to bring up the missiles that are below the surface of the ocean and use them to attack the United States. Real mission: Hoping that this would start a full- scale war between North and South Korea and more. As the crew of the ship is replaced with Koreans, many are in danger and the real mission begins to unfold. But, can be trusted? Wait and see!

As they uncover the truth about their plot and the danger to them increases, Cho, Lee and the other Koreans make sure that Jenkins and his crew never get their bounty, their payment nor aide in finding the missiles that they dearly want to execute the rest of their plans.


Getting to know Allie on a personal level, not keeping their relationship a little more distant, Connor learns of her betrayal to him, his company, Devil to Pay and more. As a result of her lies and deceit, Connor and the law firm he’s working for’s relationship turns sour.

Added to this mix is Julian Clayton who now owns Devil to Pay and is trying to help both Connor and Allie. Julian owns an investigation agency and is helping Connor in his quest to protect Allie. Hoping to regain his trust she opens up to the authorities, enlists his help and hopes that telling the truth will renew their friendship and more.

But, she is far from home free as she is captured and tortured by her captures including two men that she rescued from the Grasp II. What happens will enlighten you as to the dangers of what she does and why she might want to rethink her next career choice.

Frank Roh owns Deep Seven and as you learned at the start of this intriguing story Samuel Stimson hacked into his computer and found out too much information and has now disappeared. As Allie returns to Deep Seven to work for this man, what will happen and what will she find out? Risking her life for her reputation and to gain back Connor’s trust she is about to enter a whole new world of corruption and deceit.

Allie befriends another co-worker whose help she tries to enlist when in trouble. But, what kind of help does he give her and what did happen to Franklin Roh?

What happens next will astound the reader as Allie risks her life to help two men she does not even know. Getting captured, learning the truth behind Deep Seven and those behind it, Connor and Allie come to terms with their relationship, his future and more. Who is Cho? What part does he really play in this plot against America and South Korea? What are his true motives? What will happen to Allie and Connor next? Will she have to pay for her crime? Will more corrupt files be uncovered? This reviewer will not reveal that. Filled with twists, turns and surprises that you won’t expect, author Rick Acker is right up there with the best of thriller and mystery writers. Whatever happened to Sam, Franklin and more? Friendships and loyalties are tested. What happens will surprise you and ending will too.

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