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Surviving Depression with Art Therapy

This review is from: Sculpting the Heart: Surviving Depression with Art Therapy (Paperback). A Marvelous Look at the Power of Art to Relieve the Frustration and Tension Caused by an Imperfect World, by R. Malove

“I am an ordinary woman living in an extraordinary, imperfect world.”

This phrase sets a poignant beginning to a poignant masterpiece full of humor, honesty and reflection. All of us struggle with depression at some time or another, whether it be from losing our job, or financial burdens we are unprepared for, or some other crisis which steps in and takes control of our lives out of our hands.

Depression is one of the most sinister diseases in the world, because it is one that we consider to be ordinary. Yes, of course we’re going to feel sad. Yes, of course there are days we’re going to feel like we’re hanging on to control by a very thin thread.

Guess what? There’s no of course about it! No one says that you have to feel that way. You can find an outlet for your depression that allows your heart to heal and your mind to clear by transforming your feelings into a tangible expression through art.

Sculpting the Heart takes you on a personal journey through depression and the healing powers of creative expression. Whether your medium is writing, sculpting, painting or music, creative expression can release the tension and frustration that build up inside your mind and release you from the bars of depression back into the freedom of the real world.

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