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A Heartfelt True Story: One Young Woman’s Courage – Survival is difficult after a loss. Losing a husband, sister, parent or any family member leaves lasting scars on those left behind.

Twenty-four-year-old mother to be Natalie Taylor heard the words no young person should ever hear: Your husband of 18 months was in a fatal accident. How do you deal with that and still go on? Natalie Taylor is about to find out as she comes to terms with the death of her husband Josh. Josh was killed crave boarding without a helmet. Death came almost instantly and her whole life came crashing down.

woman-1930But, with the support of her sister, Moo, her best friends and family Natalie slowly creates a new future for herself and her unborn child. But, can she deal with a new child and learn to love him? Never giving up on herself Natalie is about to turn herself around, deal with her grief and as one wise doctor so aptly states: Works on her brain in order to move ahead. Going back to school would change things for her but there is so much more to her life and her journey that still needs to be revealed.

Comparing her definitions of family connections and loyalties to that of the Corleone Family in the Godfather, you learn early on how much Natalie cherishes those who stood by her and not in a small way. But, getting counseling and help to try and reconcile and deal with her feelings in order to restore her life, she finds a support group for single mothers.

Returning to teaching, rewarding with her students supportive, unique and understanding, still being teens and exhibiting the normal behaviors of high school students, showed a side of them that most would prefer to stay hidden. Fixing up her soon to be newborn child’s room was not as therapeutic as she thought it might be. It was more of a help to her mother-in-law and at times she rounds her visits and that of others an intrusion on her time to grief, vent and cry.

As time passes Natalie begins to openly reflect on her life, her feelings for her friends and family and compares many situations with characters on television and in the movies. As she watches some of the talk shows and hears the discussion about the lives of these people her anger and frustration comes through including her bitterness for what her life has turned into. The author seems to resent anyone that is happy and cannot deal with the joys of others since losing Josh.

I do understand how she feels since losing my mom, sister, and mother-in-law within the last 7 months. Dealing with three deaths is difficult, getting the anger and hostility out is vital but walking around like that and feeling remorse all day and anger is not what anyone needs to do in order to cope with life as it is. So, where does this take her and what will she do to create a new life for herself and now, her young son, Kai.

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Told in a monthly diary or journal the author recounts the events from the moment she heard the news about Josh, through the birth of her son and the present where she has made some remarkable changes and strides in her life. Joining the grief support group, rekindling the light in her teaching, connecting and relating the many authors that wrote not only the classics but my favorite, Robert Frost and his special poem which inspired her to realize that she has many places to go before she dies, Natalie’s words are heard, her voice is loud and clear and her determination as she takes the reader through that hardest first year of losing someone you truly love and too soon, inspires everyone that has known or experienced any loss to change their life, do something to restart the energy along with her Fairy Godmother who helps guide her through this journey this is one book everyone should read.

The excitement she shares as she trains and completes her first Triathlon is contagious as you cheer her own hoping she will succeed. What does finally happen to Natalie and what does she learn from her many experiences, her friends, family, counselors and the many support groups she joins you need to read for yourself.

Told with emotions that run the gamut from anger, sorrow, happiness, joy and elation, Signs Of Life is an inspirational book that helped the author starts the healing process of losing Josh and those who read it understand that the world does not have to be so dark and gray and that the Colors are Read Again. To Natalie: They will only get brighter for you as time goes on.

Thank you, Amazon Vine for sending me this book to read and review.

Author Natalie Taylor
Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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