Scorpion Bay


Working as an investigative reporter and a prosecuting attorney respectively, Parker Knight and his wife both had jobs requiring secrecy and chasing down sensitive information.

Unfortunately for Parker, his wife has been more secretive lately. Worse, his investigative reporting instincts bring him racing to the scene of an explosion that would rip his life apart.


Crassly snapping off photos of the scene, including an injured woman; Parker stops by the woman only to come face to face with the horror of the reality of the situation.

The woman is his wife Erica.  He is helpless as she dies in his arms. This is the start of events that pull Parker deeper into the mystery surrounding his wife’s death.

Parker is compelled to find out why his wife died and bring whoever planted the bomb to justice.  With the help of his friend from his days in the Special Forces, Justin Kendall, and Justin’s girlfriend Tina Banks, he starts digging into the secrets behind Biotech and its CEO Harrison Bradley.

Together they follow the one elusive lead he has, Wildflower, a path that leads Parker into being dubbed a vigilante.  Parker finds himself unwillingly embracing his identity as a vigilante despite its hindering his efforts to avenge his wife’s murder and bring the man he believes is responsible to justice.

The thing that initially drew me to want to read Scorpion Bay was a comment the author made once about how he was so charmed with Scorpion Bay, a real place, that it inspired him to write a book about it.

Michael Murphy did justice to both the place and the dangerous feel of the name.  Scorpion Bay is more than an action packed mystery, it draws you into its web of intrigue and plays on sub plots that make you wonder where they will take you.  Just when you think you figured it out you learn not to make any assumptions.

Scorpion Bay is published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC.

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    Gabriel Constans says

    Great review LV. Thank you for letting us know about this book.

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    LV Gaudet says

    Thanks Gabriel 🙂

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