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Review: Quirky Kids’ Zoo

Take a tour of the most amazing and unique zoo in the world. You have heard or have been to the Bronx Zoo or even the San Diego Zoo, but I bet you have never, ever, been to the one and only Quirky Kids Zoo created and invented by author Pat Brannon and illustrated and brought to life by Jimena Pinto-Krowiline.

So, let’s being our tour by paying your admission fee and joining the tour group. Hope you have your walking shoes on, camera at hand or cell phone to take some great pictures. You don’t want to miss a thing. I am your guide and reviewer, Fran Lewis, and welcome to the tour.

Welcome, everyone, and let me tell you something about this zoo for kids. This is an exciting place to take children to visit and for parents to learn something about the many kinds of animals that are here and have courses much more.

You will not see the usual sites that you might expect. No, lions and tigers in cages. No seals or elephants or snake houses. What will you see? Let’s enter together and make sure you have your cameras ready.

Ever see a polar bear wearing pink shoes. Look over to your right as you enter the zoo and take a look at her. Isn’t she gorgeous? Wouldn’t you like a pair just like those for yourself or join her in a game of tennis? Stay in line, please.

And next, I would like to point out our two special gorillas that can skate and further down the road the most agile and adorable four tigers that can jump rope or even Double Dutch. Or course, my favorite and I am not saying it has to be yours are the 11 Kangaroos growing flowers. Imagine creating their own garden.

I would love to know the secret of growing such beautiful flowers. Imagine 19 brown camels walking in purple high heels, and 24 pelicans marching in a zoo band. The entertainment is great, and the songs are quite great from One Republic to Jennifer Lopez and maybe even some rap. What more could you ask for? Step lively, everyone, as I show you the next sight of 25 French Poodles dancing the can-can. I bet you want to join in and get in the can-can line. I know I do. [Dog Advisor]

As I take you on this tour and you see the beautiful and unique sights remember to look at the pictures that are so beautifully illustrated, helping to make the book come to life. But, there is much more that you can learn from your tour. There are many other exhibits and animals to see, but if I tell you about all of them, it will spoil your fun reading this great book and visiting the zoo on your own.

Before I take you back to the front gate, I want everyone to know that you can learn how to count from reading this book. You can learn the many different animals and how to recognize them and even read their names. You can learn about action verbs since all of the animals are doing something special like dancing, racing, jumping, or even marching. So, visit this Quirky Kids Zoo and maybe come up with some animals you might want the author to add if she decides to add some more exhibits to this exciting place. For those young, old, and just anyone who wants to smile and have some fun, read this excellent book, visit the zoo and take your tour.

Can you name all of the animals on the cover now that you have had your tour? Can you remember how many of each the author put on each page? Make your own Quirky Zoo and see what animals you might like to put.

I five this book: Five Gold Stars!

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