Review: My Father’s Colors


My Father’s Colors

Naya Maya is about to revisit her past in a way that might shake the inner core of her world and change her life forever as we hear her father’s words loud and clear, learn of his lies, deceits and betrayals and her the words of one woman as the tape recorder records, we hear the playback loud and clear and the colors of her father come through dark, black and cold.

My Father's Colors

As Naya reads the letters and remembers the past she hears her father asking for forgiveness as the hate, anger and fears that once enveloped her young life as a child come forward once again front and center.

With a husband who supports her every move, who helped her search for the son that was taken from her at birth and now will try and go along on the journeys to follow as she once again will face another torment and another lie revealed by her father.

Another child sent to live without her mother another life that will be changed and another journey she will travel but this time alone.

But, there is much more as Chris holds in his hand a white envelope that he conceals from not only Naya but the reader too as she goes to where it all began, finds her journal and begins to read about her past and learn more than she expects.

From the author of Color Me Jazzmyne comes My Father’s Colors where once again we meet Naya Mona, Chris, Jonathan and reenter Misty.

Misty is cutthroat, ruthless and tough a genius in her own right in the music business. As Carl Thompson requests that she listen to a young jazz singer little does she know that this young girl’s life soon intersects with Jazzmyne.

When will she retake the stage and what will happen when their worlds collide as I review this outstanding novel by bestselling author Marion L. Thomas, My Father’s Colors. Color Naya: Angry, dark, and hopeful. Will she ever be colored with forgiveness?

Once again we seek the many colors of the rainbow and palettes of an artist as we learn the colors of those in this novel and find out just what her father’s colors really were.

As Misty’s past is revealed, her downfalls and her start in the business we hear her regrets first hand, her grief when her mother left and her family’s anger toward her she wonders if Naya Mona will ever forgive her for what she did to her and the way she deceived her. Can she reconnect with her old friend?

As we hear her voice and feel the tears stream down her face we hear another voice that of Chris calling Jonathan and enlightening his wife as to many things she was not aware of regarding his finances the money he wanted from him.

Claiming that he wanted a loan for one million dollars and not revealing the real reason and his visit to JK, Felicia hears what he is saying but is her disbelief of what she is being told true? How does she really feel about Naya Mona and Chris and why would they try to deceive them when they are only trying to help?

Where does Simone fit in? As Carl Thompson connects with Kerrie, Misty’s assistant he learns about Chris and his recording company connections and then things just might come together for his client and for him as two worlds just might collide and what happens will change everything not just for Simone but for Naya Mona too as she too tries to make a comeback on stage.

But, what about the reporter that wants to reveal more than just a story about her career, how she started, her ex-husband and her personal life? What else does he want to write about that could ruin lives?

The tape recorder is on and the scripts are being read as you hear Naya read her father’s words, his thoughts, regrets and the many truths that have been hidden from her. You hear the words to the song she sang when Charlie admitted he cared about her and you hear Misty’s innermost feelings as she relates how it all began and fell apart.

Next, you hear the thoughts of the reporter as he reads his article to you, expresses his views on Jazzmyne and finds out more about her past than she would like. What else will be revealed before all is said and done and what other secrets will she have to deal with when one more hidden truth is finally revealed and her entire life possibly shattered.

As Jazzmyne takes the stage so does another hopeful named Simone. When confronted by Jonathan Carl protects her. When a contract is drawn will it fair or will Misty stick to her own ways and not care? What will happen to Jonathan and Felicia when the truth comes out and Naya learns wh0 and what her son really is after?

Hate, lies, resentment, power, money, one mothers hope to create future with her son and eliminate the sadness of her past. But, will she ever be free of the torment she lived under JK’s roof? What finally happens will surprise the reader and the twists and surprises at the end will let you know that Jazzmyne’s colors in her crayon box might be filled with vibrance but others are still dark, dull, grey and filled with anger.

A heartbreaking ending that will leave the reader ready for the next chapter in Jazzmyne’s life. With the tape recorder in someone else’s possession and the tape filled with too much about her life, what will happen when the world reads Color My Jazzmyne and reveals the inner Naya Mona and more.

What will happen when the past becomes her present, the lies that were told and the truth’s hidden for so long uncovered and the black leather shoes are pushed aside and the red pumps stand alone and the memories right there in plain sight. My Father’s Colors is not the end of Naya’s journey into past and what lies ahead for her, Chris, Jonathan and many others will reveal much more.

One woman who withstood being raped, abused and tossed aside, one woman whose father took away the right to be called father, one woman who will survive despite it all. How and what finally happens you will have to wait for the next chapter in her life as author Marion L. Thomas is at work penning it right now.

Characters that come to life with vivid and in-depth descriptions of their feelings, fears, trepidations and heartbreaks author Marion L. Thomas has once again create a novel filled with many different colors for standing for each single character in a crayon box filled with so many. My Father’s Colors: Find out which colors fill this amazing story.

The tape is still on and the words will fill the spools and the ending will keep you on edge and the final outcome you won’t believe. Read her story from the beginning: Color Me Jazzmyne and My Father’s Colors: awarded as one of the Top 100 books 1st Quarter 2010 by the Sankofa’s Literary Review and My Father’s Colors one of Fran’s top picks for this month.

This book gets FIVE RED PUMPS

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