Mack Dunstan’s Inferno (2)


Tami Brady “TCM Reviewer” (Calgary, Canada) reviews Mack Dunstan’s Inferno–Paul Collins

You can’t take it with you. When you pass over, all your wealth and possessions are left behind. Unfortunately, what we do take with us is our regrets and our fears.

Mack Dunstan's InfernoMax “Mack” Dunstan, famous actor and head of the NRA, finds himself taking a tour of Hell. As he travels he meets the famous and the infamous but probably the ones that are most surprising are the average people who don’t seem to deserve to be in Hell. After all, they were certainly not evil.

Slowly, Mack comes to release that Heaven and Hell are merely labels. Each person merely sees him or herself, their personal reality manifested. If they are stuck in anger and hate or regret and guilt, then their afterlife will reflect that. However, if they choose to let go and rise above these self-judgements then a different world emerges.

I think the journey changes Mack in a meaningful way. He starts off pretty arrogant expecting that Heaven awaits him. He’s lived a good life and feels he has no vices. I don’t think the man has ever really looked below the surface of himself. Complete denial.

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