I Scream Truck Chronicles


“Be careful before you get too close to me. You might never be the same. I am cursed. I was born cursed and there is nothing that I can do to stop what happened to me, what happens when anyone comes near me or even sees my face.

Do I deserve what others feel about me or don’t feel? Do I deserve the pain, hate, sorrow, and evil that are inflicted upon my soul, body, and mind by others?

I-Scream-Truck-ChroniclesMany feel that just being near me brings out the hate in them? Many feel that I deserve the cruelty inflicted upon me, the abuse, the insanity and the unspeakable acts that people commit to making me feel less than worthy of being in their presence or being alive.”

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Percy Alan Clark and I am your worst nightmare so they say. The kids at school look forward to beating me up on a daily basis. The teachers and principal send me to detention for their own folly, amusement, and sadistic moods in order to hurt me physically and mentally. No one has any use for me except my Pops or grandfather. He can only do so much but not everything to save me from what others feel their right to inflict upon me, a mother who isolated me from birth and a curse that was placed on my head before I let out my first cry.

My kingdom is the detention room filled with spiders, dank and dusty old desks, school equipment and more. I hate being there but it is better than being with the regular people and having more pain inflicted upon me. I am smart and can handle any homework or assignments given to me. No one really cares. But, one day they will all pay and pay dearly. That day is about to come. Mark my words. You see running from a gang of kids and avoiding getting beaten up I came smack tab into this strange man. He refers to himself as Mr. Pac but seriously he is dark, evil and you might say the word: The Devil. He is about to become my Master, my Savior and my only salvation.”

Meeting him would change this child’s life and not for the better. Meeting him he explained what happened to his mother, her life obeying him as a witch and her weaknesses causing her to have to be sacrificed before Percy would be weakened too.

Author David McDonald takes the reader on a ride into the dark side of life dealing with Satan, his minions and what happens to one young thirteen-year-old boy ensnared by his power, darkness, and strength as you read my review of I Scream Truck Chronicles by the author of the Rewirers David McDonald. You can hear the words and the voice of The Devil, Satan or any name that describes this evil man. Percy will now be one and the same with him doing his bidding, leading the life he has decided for him and once again become a pawn in his own life but this is not chess and what the losses will be much more than saying Checkmate. Giving Percy his undivided time and attention to teach him to the dark side of life, inflicting pain on those he seeks revenge and showing no remorse is what is expected of him. But, will anyone save him from himself and what this fate?

“Renamed Weasel I am now being instructed on my new life, what I am going to do and where and when I will perform these heinous deeds. My first sacrifice was my own mother. I let her burn. The next I won’t describe but Teddy and Wilma Stedman will now learn what happens when you cross me. Terrible tornadoes and storms are hitting many towns, cities, and states with devastating result. Teddy and Wilma: Can you hear me? Do you hear my voice? I’m coming. Are you ready? They certainly heard him but were they ready for the return of Weasel and what I had in store for them.”

You can hear the voices of each character, the fear in their hearts and minds and the voice of Weasel as he reenters each of the lives of the characters that have wronged him in the past. Psychological twists and turns in every chapter as the author takes you deep inside the mind of this deranged young boy, the characters he will meet out his own brand of justice on, his torment with his religious beliefs taught to him by his grandfather and told to permanently discard, and the thoughts of the Devil himself.

Pops was an ice cream man and the official song was Pop Goes the Weasel. Why? Weasel of course. So, when Teddy and Wilma hear the song through all of the wind and howling during the storm they know Weasel has returned. Looking out of their window they see Pop’s trademark, his Ice Cream Truck anything but pristine. Frightened at the sight of it and seeing Weasel alight from the truck, hearing the sounds of the wind and the song frighten both Teddy and Wilma as they realize he is seeking revenge on them for what they did to him as a kid. But, there is much more. Will her Christian background, love of God, her prayers and hopefully save her? Will Pop’s upbringing bring Weasel around or will he turn away from God and toward the Devil? But, there is much more that will happen before all is said and done.

When the past comes front and center with the present what happens will send chills down your spine, make sure you keep your doors locked and understand what could happen when you wrong someone as a kid. Weasel died but has been resurrected in the form of Satan’s messenger, aide, or just plain evil assistant. As Teddy and Wilma are trying to wait out the horrors that the weather will be inflicting on them, they are no match for Weasel and his reign of psychological terror, imposed visions, and horrific flashbacks into their youth. The author describes Weasel, his tattoos, his hit list engraved on his arms, the tortures he inflicted on them and others and the atrocities that the adults endured too. Pop Goes the Weasel is one of my favorite rhymes.

But, after reading this book I might never want to hear it again. As Teddy and Wilma try to stay calm, they hear the rhyme, see the Ice Cream Truck that Weasel’s grandfather drove and then something happens that causes Teddy to snap, and become you might say deranged complements of Weasel. The power of suggestion and thought is one of the ways he controls the other characters in this book. As Ted is determined to destroy Weasel thinking he is coming to his door, he attacks. What really happens is horrible, causing Wilma to fear for her life, and endangers the life of her friend Pat, who was trying to escape the storm and the water build up by coming to stay with them. What does happen you won’t believe and what will happen next will be even worse. Pat, Ted, and Wilma recount the horrors that Weasel not only inflicted on them but on others too.

Drugs, torture, fear, burning my victims with cigarettes, doping them up, beating them and hiding the marks, I am unstoppable. I will get even with everyone that ever wronged me. No one is immune to my wrath. From a young child who feared everyone to someone who inflicted fear on a whole town, community and the adults running it. Yet, he is dead.

Weasel terrorized everyone in his Ice Scream Truck in death and in life. He haunted the dreams, the nightmares and at times every waking hour of each of the major characters as Pat, Ted and Wilma recount the horrific things he did to not only them but others too.

“From my grandfather to the Sheriff to school officials my wrath touched everyone. Even trying to pray to God and hope that he would answer their prayers worked for a short time. But, Weasel, that’s is far from done. Psychological tormenting is my forfeit. Just getting even for what was done to me.”

You have not read or heard the worst yet. As his presence becomes more pronounced and his wrath unleashed, who will be his pawn and who will commit acts in order to do his bidding? As Pat’s mind and body are taken over by the Weasel, what Wilma and Ted do next you won’t believe as Pat pleads with John to bring the book that Weasel keeps referring to and give it to Weasel. But, the end result is not exactly what you would expect and the pages of this book are definitely not what you want to read as the past is unleashed, the events unfurled and the evil of the Weasel graphically remembered and described by our creative author. But, both Wilma and Ted hear the voice of God as they enlist the help of the Reverend and the Pastor. Will they see the light? Will they survive the next round? Will they be able to walk by faith and not by sight? When will the final doom or apocalypse happen? Who is on the side of God and who is working for Satan’s child? The twists, turns and final outcome you won’t believe? The end is shocking and those who worship Satan will be revealed as they try to rescue the Anti Christ and raise him back up.

But, there is much more to come, as this is only the beginning. What finally happens you need to learn and read for yourself? What will the final outcome be and who if anyone survives the wrath of Weasel? This is one ending you don’t expect with references to the Bible, Adam and Eve and where it all began, author David McDonald has really raised the bar in this genre. One Weasel who thinks he’s won. Two people that take him on. But, the end is just the beginning and the appointed time still to come. Characters so vividly described and incidents so graphically depicted you won’t sleep after reading this book as you will want to find out what else Satan has in store for Wilma and Ted.

Revenge is not always so sweet and believing in God: you decide which is stronger and who wins out when you read this outstanding novel that gives the reader much pause for thought, understanding about worst side of humanity and what people will do to survive the revenge of one Percy Alan Clark.

“ I’ll Be Back, wait and see.”

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