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Suicide, life choices, dealing with the world is not always easy. Buried within the folds of someone’s mind, soul and being can be hidden demons, fears and feelings that often go unnoticed.

Many try to cope with these unexplainable or difficult feelings, some choose to take a more direct route and find their answers in another world. Friends Of Dorothy Monologues is a compilation of creative, introspective and quite thought provoking scenes depicting real life situations that many encounter and graphically and beautifully and individually recounted by the voices of different person in the various monologues.

Oliver has decided to take the route we hope no one would follow as he relates his feeling towards God, his friends and others deciding to take his own life in order to release the demons within him and revert the evil back to others. A poem that when you read will enlighten you to his inner most thoughts and an ending that you keep you wondering why! Next, we meet a Pastor who describes his feelings toward his son who is gay. Many parents, children, adults and friends cannot accept those whose life choices do not confirm to their way of thinking. How sad! Andre is a great student whose loved by all except his father. Acceptance by a man who has definitely sinned in his own way and was victimized as a child for his appearance makes you wonder whether he was taking his anger out on his son or remembering what happened to him as a child. One father’s rage, anger and resentment towards his son and one son’s true feelings expressed in a surprise ending with a real twist.

As we meet a young boy whose mother sold him for meth we understand more fully that life’s choices are not always your own gut some that you need to take responsibility for. As our narrator relates his last days in a hospital room riddled with disease, full glow Aides, his recounts his life on the street and using his physical attributes to get what he needed in order to survive. Rethinking his choices, who is to blame and the startling ending and realization he comes to regarding his mother will surprise the reader. How forgiving are you?

One young man’s drive for keeping his family together followed by the Last Goodbye- Breion’s Diary. As he eloquently and beautifully describes his feelings about his family, their lack of acceptance and their narrow-mindedness, unrelenting taunts and cruel statements you being to understand the world of someone who is gay and who did not want to hide. Yet, we have to admire, applaud and truly understand the courage of this young man who chose a path and kept going away from those who would never accept him nor understand.

Suicide- not uncommon in teens or adults- Why? One young man crying out for help to release his life long pain. Why wouldn’t his family understand rather than criticize, cast aside, ignore and toss away a young man with a future. As his brother was forced out of his house for coming out and being gay, this fair-haired child, and the one everyone revered had the same fate. Living in Chicago our narrator relates how he and his brother survived together. Praising him, getting him a job and hanging out together he hoped would make a positive difference in his brother’s life. But, sometimes our hopes, thoughts and dreams for another person are not the true reality of what they seek for themselves, as you will learn after reading this monologue.

Next, The Anniversary begins with a car accident and the death of a dog, an encounter that would change everything. Our next narrator relates his love, his feelings and his reason for coming to a specific place and pouring out his heart to someone who is no longer with him. As he flashes to the past and then reenters the present he remembers where he is, the accident on the bridge, the victim and the date: Sept. 11, 2001 when love ended and so did many lives.

Mrs. Winterbourne’s house and his love for her is next along with Brownie a special dog and his relationship with Chad. The rare and amazing kindness, understanding and acceptance of his being gay by this wonderful woman and the sadness when she passed.

I really found Scene 9 quite humorous, to the point and straightforward as one gay man lets it rip and tells the world he is gay: ACCEPT ME! Letting the world know what he thinks and an ending that is just perfect!

Scenes 10 and 11 round out the monologues with Santos. The narrator’s description of one hot man, his life, his past, their meeting and their chemistry make you wish you could have gone along on that cab ride along with our narrator and Santos. The intense feelings, the cab driver’s reaction, the instant connection and an ending you will never expect. You decide if it was worth it and if he should change the locks.

Fear- is front and center in each monologue and comes full circle as the theme in Scene 11. The power of fear can consume your every being and when coupled with allowing others to dictate your goals, destiny and life can be destructive, explosive and detrimental. This last monologue sums up the rest at the narrator explains how his life disconnected from his friends, family and loves. Who you are is what others need to accept. What others dictate should be recorded on their own tape recorders where yours should be devoid of their voices, choices and thoughts.

Author A. Scott Boddie’s Friends of Dorothy Monologues: Act I provides an in-depth insight into the minds, feelings, inner most thoughts and fears of many who are gay in addition to how others perceive them, the fears they face, the lack of acceptance, loyalties, betrayals and forgiveness.

This is one book that everyone should read to truly understand that being gay is a life choice- not an illness not a stigma that someone should wear like the scarlet A. Acceptance: whether sexual preference, color of skin, race or creed: Why Can’t We?

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