Embrace the Highland Warrior


After almost a decade away, Shay Logan was finally home and hoping to face some of the problems that caused her to run in the first place. She just wasn’t expecting one of those problems to tackle her fresh out of the shower.

Cody McBain always knew Shay was his, and now she’s back where she belongs. He believes it was Shay finding out he had lied to her about her past that drove Shay away from him and their bond, but Shay has a much more tragic secret that kept her away. Despite their reemerging feelings for each other, there are more secrets, and some deadly forces out to make sure Shay and Cody never become the mates they were destined to be.

I just want to eat these Highland boys up with a spoon. If Anita Clenney had written them any sexier, I just might have a restraining order against me. The Connor Clan series combines my two favorite things, sexy Scottish warriors and the paranormal. Set in modern times, Embrace the Highland Warrior still has a very old world feel to it, maybe because the men are so dominant and protective.

Anita Clenney

The ladies of the clan are just as protective however, and there are female warriors. It is a wonderful combination. Ms. Clenney mixes horror, tragedy, humor, love, forgiveness, redemption and just a wee bit of sweaty sex into a spellbinding and enthralling book. In a battle that spans the ages and the continents, the war between good and evil never dies. The evil that seeks Shay and those around her is stepping up its game, and the winner has yet to be determined.

I think if there had been one more exciting element added to this book, it would have just exploded in my hands. This book is just filled with so many plot twist and surprises. I did talk to the characters in the book quite a bit, and made rude exclamations in several parts. I can’t imagine trying to write such stubborn, headstrong characters. I am getting more and more involved as the series progresses, especially concerning a certain female warrior who likes to hit on other women’s men. Shady, that is. If you haven’t started this series yet, you MUST, before you get left behind. If you’re already a fan, trust me, this book will slay you. You will not believe the progression. In a word… excellent.

The Romance Studio overall rating: FIVE HEARTS

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