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Rachael Madorsky has obviously spent most of her life in the service of bringing healing to others. She is a lyrist, a healer and a conceptual writer of the highest caliber. Her books are prayer books for the sick and sad of us who can’t seem to make peace with our karma. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to believe that Rachael is a healer and that what she professes is true.

What I believe in – – is the power of positive thinking. I also believe good health is in a renewal of spirit. One can renew their spirit with meditation and visualization practices (like poetry or charms, or in art therapy). One can also renew their spirit with music, the word of God, and/or opening their minds to new thoughts and new ideas that come from study books like Create Your Own Destiny. Of course, diet and exercise plays a big role in healing and disease. We must commit our whole selves to combat bad karma.

Certainty in Rachael’s world is a matter of touch and sense, and total faith in her gifts and her God. Many believe Rachel to be a healer and a respected player in worlds we can only imagine. She’s not afraid of paying homage to past generations, their superstitions, folk remedies and neither am I.

As a matter of fact, I live just across the river from Lambert Airport in St. Louis where two tornadoes forged 200 homes into kindling on Good Friday. It seems to me Mother Nature is angry and searching mayhem with all the forces it can muster against us. But even with over 200 homes demolished, no one was hurt; so maybe, there are no coincidences. Karma plays a huge role in all our lives and we are here for one purpose and that is to be less material and kinder people with miles of miracles of people helping people after the storm. Rachel tells us nature is not out to punish us nor knows the word “punishment.”

Rachel and her son, Nathanial, gave us many wonderful poems and charms with certain sound frequencies to stimulate the immune and nervous system. This is not a new idea. It depends upon exact memorization of the word order.
I like the idea that words carry mystic healing to my body like music, I imagine. She says key words carry the chief energy load. God, Love, Time, Healing, Angels are words that carry a joyful energy load to me. In the back of the book are many special prayers or charms for healing and other purposes. She warns only the spiritually mature can benefit from them; impure uses could lead to unpredictable consequences such as repeating them in a haphazard manner.

Enjoy the following:
Prayer for Help
God, I ask You to protect me from devilish schemes,
God, I am ready to join You in fighting
my ailment and black force.
I release my pain for reasons that I do not grasp yet.
God, to care for myself is most important for me.
Lord, help me, in your ways. You can do that!
Lord, all that I need now is to feel You in my soul.
Lord, find the paths that are destined for me –it is my trial.
Lord, open for me the doors to the future.
Lord, attend to me! Attend! Attend!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

There are two ways to live one’s life – – as if nothing is a miracle or if everything is. Albert Eistein
It is imperative we learn to accept miracles whether they come from healers like Rachel or from those like Albert Eistein. They have access to an intangible realm that most of us can only dream about.

By Joyce White
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Create Your Own Destiny! Spiritual Path to Success. – Paperback (June 3, 2003) by Rachel Madorsky

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