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Review: Chan Kim

Khemer Rouge leader Pol Pot attempted to form a Communist peasant farming society. The result was the death of more than 25 percent of the country’s population from overwork, torture and exploitation.

Many of the peasants left to the countryside settling in Phnom Penh. The Killing fields are a number of the sites where huge masses of people were slaughtered and burned by the Khemer Rouge Regime from 1975-1979 at the end of the Vietnam War.

As our story unfolds we meet Chan Kim, our main character who winds up in the crossfire, witnesses many executions and is forced to leave her home. The weak and the lame were killed. Those who could not forge ahead at the command of those in charge were killed. Witnesses the deaths of two close friends, and the murder of her young child, she loses much of her faith in God and in herself to survive.

But, something amazing and life changing happens that renews her spirit, gives her hope and takes her in a whole in direction. Chan Kim falls asleep and watches her spirit leave her body and take flight. Hearing the voice of God brings her back to the present. Still, Chan Kim loses her faith and begins questioning God. Chance encounters often change our lives. As Chan walked alone in the fields a special woman appeared. Jorani would be her guiding light and her inspiration to reach for a better life, but not for long.

But, once again Chan Kim witnesses the cruelty and harshness as she loses her friend. Alone, afraid and quite ill Chan Kim wakes up in a hospital in Vietnam and here is where her real journey and understanding of whom she really is and her special gift comes to light. One doctor named Simon would embrace Chan Kim; understand her fears and her hopes. Looking in her eyes he saw stars. How would this gift her special stars help others remains t be revealed?

From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to Vietnam, Australia, California and Culver City take the journey with Chan Kim as she explores her special gift to heal, help humanity and embrace the lives of so many despite the hardships she endured. Look into her eyes do you see the stars shining? With Simon’s help and the help of the Pillars, beautiful and colorful flames that come to her and explain her mission, Chan Kim will learn to fly to the stars and back helping others along the way. Would you want the power to serve humanity and protect it from chaos and destruction? As Chan Kim and Simon begin to explore the world together and understand her gift as the Pillars infiltrate her mind and she hears their message. Can she become part of two worlds at the same time? Would you want the power to control the emotions of others? Close your eyes; do you see the white flame coming towards you? Don’t put it out. It is Chan Kim coming to heal you, calm you and help safe you.

Many different flames that hover of her offering her support and hoping that she will understand her special gift and use it wisely. Then the unthinkable happens and Chan is alone once more losing faith herself and wondering where she will go next. As Chan leaves for America and is reunited with her sister, her life takes a definite turn in many directions filled with turmoil, anger, heartaches and deceit.

A very powerful and compelling story that spans many countries, generations and time periods with characters that will bring tears to your eyes, a smile to your face.  Hear the voices of those who share their stories with Chan. The violin teacher who tells of the atrocities in the camps, the junkie in Harlem, the soldiers who wanted to kill the elephant and the impact she made on one young boy named Amara.

This is a story about hope, redemption, and peace and understanding for humanity on one side and on the other despair, hopelessness, hates, prejudice and fear. It is about family, loyalty, trust, faith and hope for the future as Chan Kim reunited with her sister Wani and things change for them both. Hear their voices, listen to their stories and find it in your heart to understand that hate destroys, violence kills and one white flame that has been sent to heal, give hope and bring unity and love to those she touches. What does happen to her you will have to read for yourself Chan Kim hoping to find a new life in America? Relationships are not always what they seem.

As wise as Chan is at times she is naïve and does not realize that honesty comes a price and others use your vulnerability to their advantage. Living in America Chan would learn the true meaning of deceit, betrayal, a child’s love and understanding and what happens when she uses her powers for her own self gain. Where does she finally wind up and what is her destiny? Read this compelling, heartbreaking, inspiring book by author Ilam Herman.

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