Review: ASAP – A settling of Scores

By Paricia E. Gitt


ASAP: Paying close attention to your business and home life can often yield different results. But, when you focus more on one rather than the other what happens will definitely surprise you as Suzanne Moss learns.

As the co-founder of a top-notch technology company she learns in a very discreet and unusual manner that someone is trying to steal the technology, she has worked so hard to create to keep families safe using her technology from Secure Homes. A phone call from an anonymous caller would enlighten her to the impending theft and meeting with him would clarify that and much more.

ASAP - A settling of ScoresSuzanne Moss now needed to learn more about the technology involved and only one person could enlighten her and that was Bradley Stanton II her partner. Calling him and following his instructions she finds herself at their old warehouse, contacts another person, and what she learns would definitely light a fire under her. Added in Bradley hired a young tech genius to launch their new product dealing with the health care industry and routine tests. Health diagnostics: Wouldn’t it be great if you could take these tests at home and then send them directly to the lab and cut out the middleman and find out what you need to know faster? Sounds revolutionary and let’s hope some time in the future what this author has created in this book comes true. But, there is much more.

Suzanne’s company is worth over 2 billion dollars and she serves many clients and small countries all over the world. But, what about her family life? Two children a girl named Shelly and a preteen son named Jeremy who are the light of her life and need both parents.

But, Leonard Moss is not exactly the husband or father of the year. Leonard has his own business and is riding on the coattails of Suzanne to get clients but his behavior and what he is really up to when he claims to have after-work meetings is anything but professional. Need I say more!  Leonard is an attorney who works on Wall Street and promised to share the parenting duties with his wife, but is more preoccupied with other things than his growing children. Suzanne, like some women, reflects on his behavior, makes excuses within her own mind thinking he is under a great deal of pressure and the potential theft of her technology adds more to her stress.

Her company is dealing with diagnosis and telediagnostics and the design would greatly benefit the way you as a patient can connect with your doctor. As we meet her mysterious caller and learn more about the information he imparts, the miniaturized circuitry that is the heart of her company, and the fact that someone is trying to steal it and has in on their list. Could they use her patent and her idea to create arms or weapons? The firm’s system was compromised and a black market organization placed her microcircuit on its have-to-have list.

After meeting with this man she calls the contact Bradley gave her and explains that somehow has hacked into her system hoping that he finds a way to figure out how to protect her system. Explaining what has to be done and more gave her some comfort and relief. Darcey Manning and Grace St. James are her two best friends. Grace is a well-known author and Darcey a top couturier both in New York. After the preliminary hellos, she learns that Grace will not attend lunch, and Darcey, very observant, and more notices some changes in Suzanne’s appearance that need to be corrected and offers to help. Confiding in her as to what is happening in her company allows her to feel somewhat better but then the conversation moves to Leonard and his lack of interest in her and his family. Hoping he will attend an award dinner for her but not too confident but with Darcey’s help she will have the right outfit.

While she is having lunch Leonard is planning a different meal with someone else. Leaving instructions at work and calling his date, he plans his evening, hopes to keep her happy, and yet trot back to his wife pretending to be tired and worn out from work. But, when Suzanne approaches him when the kids are away you would think the red flags would go up when she’s turned down. Enter Eddy Patermost, who finally meets her and the interaction is quite interesting.

Let’s get down to the matter at hand and learn more about the people after her microchip and a man named Smitty who is hot on the trail of a van and hopefully get the weapons and close down the ring. On the list was her microchip and Smitty would do everything to try and get this guy but can he? Working with the CIA just might help, but finding Secure Homes on the list angered him. Suzanne is relentless and is set on finding out just who is behind what is happening to her company when she realizes there is a leak and someone is giving info the crooks regarding the net worth and value of her company’s assets.

Author Patricia Gitt brings to light many issues that are front and center in the headlines today. Could this really happen? Can someone hack into your company’s system and steal your information? Can you find yourself on the hit list of a black market organization? All this and more can and has really happened if you read the newspapers or understand anything about technology. Is your information ever really safe? ASAP: everyone wants things right now. I bet you can’t wait to find out who is behind this and hope I tell you that ASAP. Not going to happen!

As Leonard seems to be content to be alone but annoyed that Suzanne is out with her friend and hoped she would read his proposal. But, without her help would the proposal be solid? If you were Suzanne would you help him? But, Leonard was into more than just recreational fun. Leonard had some friends that most would shy away from and involved himself in some really high stakes games. Leonard then took the kids for breakfast but his digs about their mother uncalled for as they decided where they wanted to go his statements uncalled for.

As she observes Eddy more closely something about his actions bothers her. Her assistant’s computer seems to have gone down and for some reason, although Bradley likes Eddy she does not. Seems hostile towards her. But why? Discussing the health station with Tina from the consumer’s viewpoint and Tina from an engineer you begin to learn more about the health station and how it works. But information about someone close to Suzanne raises more than just a simple red flag. But, Bradley has his own past and it was about to come front and center as he tries to help Suzanne and finds himself embroiled in a government matter. Is this connected to what is happening to Secure Homes?

Just what did his old friend want and how would he protect both Suzanne and his friend remains to be seen as Operation Asia Road begins. As the black market organization expects delivery of Suzanne’s microchip how could both Smitty and Bradley deliver something to a man called Zeke and protect Secure Homes? Why did Brad and Smitty leave her out of the loop? Were they protecting her or was it something else? Added in is her husband’s lack of attention towards her. Her marriage going down, thinking it was her fault, thinking about the what if’s and the responsibilities they both faced when bringing up their children, it is amazing that Jeremy and Shelly were so grounded.

But, there is much more to learn as Brad works hard to uncover who is behind the plot to gain access to her technology and in the process what he learns about Leonard would definitely change the complexion of more than one life. When you learn how he manages his debts and pays them off you won’t believe how underhanded and deceitful he is as he justifies his actions.

Truths, lies, deceptions, fraud, deceits, and much more come out as Suzanne learns the truth about Leonard’s business dealings, debts he incurred plus much more. One private investigator would bring more to light in living video Technicolor and decisions would have to be made, priorities changed and one woman would have to decide where her life was going, what her needs were, and how she would learn to find some time to live without the words ASAP always coming into place. This novel will help women understand what happens when their worlds are comprised of emails, cell phones, faxes, the net, work-related proposals, and family matters all jumbled together and often getting tangled up so that each finds its way into your daily life but none take real precedence in the right way.

From our fair city of New York to Macao and back again Suzanne learns many hard lessons in life that she hopes will be imparted to readers and other women. An ending that will let you know just how tough one woman scorned can be. ASAP: is that how you want to spend your life? What does Suzanne finally learn? ASAP: As soon as possible or rather how about: AS SOON AS I CAN! Just how does this play out and who is really behind the theft you just won’t believe. Find out when you read ASAP. You won’t be disappointed just the thief will be.

This is one novel that you want to read and will help men know that cheaters might not always prosper, women cannot be bullied and made to feel inadequate and one woman named Suzanne Moss: learned that money matters but friendships and family matter more.


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    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I have to say Fran you have a wonderful technique when reviewing a book as you tell the facts which will draw the reader in – not only a few but detailed. I had to let you know what a fantastic job you are doing. And of course, this is no doubt a different book filled with drama and suspense. Sincerely, Nancy

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    Anonymous says

    Fran reviewed my book a while back. She’s a wonderful artist. Her reviews become as much adored and her books. My greetings to Fran and my thanks for her everlasting help to us writers.

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