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Pulling the curtain on this not always known world, Patrick Brigham reveals the cover-ups behind a weapons deal.

Judas-Goat-by-Patrick-BrighamIn his novel the author unravels a murder case which stretches from Reading to Bulgaria, South Africa to Belarus and finally Taiwan to Peru. What at first appears to be a straightforward murder is revealed to be part of an international manhunt, the result of a major arms deal which has gone wrong.

The story begins with the discovery of a dead man on a narrow boat moored on Kennet & Avon Canal and Chief Inspector Lambert from Thames Valley Police is the one who has to cope with different layers of intrigue and discovers the major players in this clandestine realm.


Herodotus-by-Patrick-BrighamHerodotus is humour, satire and a witty commentary on the downward political spiral in a former communist country and the smug, foolish and baseless so called ”superiority” of the diplomacy class from the west.

Sir Arthur Cumberpot has an unspectacular career which is swiftly drawn to a close when he is appointed British Ambassador to Bulgaria. Due to some unforeseen mishaps, his wife Annabel is accused of being a spy and sent home to their house in Wattlington while

Her background is checked by MI5.

Annabel is guilty of nothing other than being the daughter of Jim Kilbey (Kim Philby), Britain’s most famous spy. She is the victim of serendipity, but also of cover ups, the duplication of thin evidence and exaggeration.

Coming soon: An Angel Over Rimini – Abduction, Human Trafficking
In this book Patrick Brigham reveals the forms of human trafficking from the poorest to richest countries. The Chief Inspector Lambert is working now for Europol after he gave up his job at Thames Valley Police.

Being through a difficult divorce he is living now in France and his first mission is to investigate an abduction case of a little British girl from a campsite in North of Italy-Rimini, a good opportunity for him to think and find out more about his father who was there during the WW II.

Patrick-BrighamThe case of abduction leads to some terrifying facts about human trafficking and foreign migrants in North of Greece at the border with Turkey. Not so easy reading at times, these are facts not very often included in statistics and although the book is a work of fiction, the plagues revealed in the book are real in the modern society.

There is a little romance in store for the clever Inspector as well and he will discover a few things about his father’s past, a father about Lambert did not know many things.

If you want to see if Lambert found the little girl alive, and what he found about his family story, keep an eye on this new release of Patrick Brigham’s book.


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