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One Small Victory

One Small Victory

One phone call can change your life forever. Picking up the phone you never expect to hear the words that Jenny did: “Your son Michael has been in an accident and you need to come to the hospital now”.

Hoping beyond hope that the news is good you know in your heart it might be too late. How many parents have experienced this heartache and pain?

Too many, I am sure. Drugs and alcohol abuse are very prominent in teenagers and young adults today.

Never really thinking through or understanding the ramifications of driving under the influence of alcohol or using pot or cocaine while behind the wheel, many teenagers and adults often wind up in fatal accidents.

Michael and Brad were supposed to go camping over the weekend and never came back. Why? Brad thought his car was an airplane and tried some stunts that proved deadly? For Michael.

How does a parent deal with this and how does Jenny decide to fight back and make sure that other parents never hear the same news or have to experience such tragedy?

Maryann Miller’s book One Small Victory brings to light these issues and shows just how far a mother will go to seek justice? How far would you go?

Making a difference is not going to be easy and seeing what drug dealers are allowed to get away with incenses Jenny and she asks to become part of the Drug Task Force as a Confidential Informant. Would you go that far?

She does and manages to pass both the physical and psychological tests required and are about to embark on something that might cost her not only her life, but also her family’s trust since she cannot divulge to anyone what she is doing, why, how, or where.

As Jenny becomes more embroiled in the world of the drug dealers she is forced to make some life-changing decisions that might jeopardize her life and her fragile relationship with her son, Scott.

Strong-minded and impulsive, she takes the undercover world by storm and not only Police Lieutenant Steve Morrity, the officer she is working with, but also the drug dealers find out that she is more than a force to be reckoned with in order to get justice for her son’s death. But, at what cost!

A best friend she cannot confide in and whose lives change when she learns the naked truth about Jenny and more; a son who is rebelling and wants to find answers to his mothers’ actions, a daughter who plays peacemaker, a mother who will not stop until she learns the truth, and an ex-husband who is going through the motions of being a father to stress her out more. Will she risk it all or just fold?

What happens to Jenny as a result of working with the police? Will she have to worry about the safety of her family? Will she and Steve have a future after working together to foil this drug operation?

The answers you need to find are in this novel and the only way you are going to get them is by reading this informative, important and outstanding novel that brings to light how imperative it is for parents to know what their children are doing and how necessary it is to be there for them and listen.

With characters whose personalities are clearly defined author, MaryAnn Miller creates real-life situations faced by DEA officers and the police daily. As an educator, I have seen dealers near or close by many schools. The sad part is that little or nothing is often done about them.

Arrest one or more and there are many more to take their place. DARE or The Drug Resistance Education Program This program that comes to many schools throughout the world will provide millions of children with the information and skills needed to say NO to drugs and avoid involvement in gangs, violence and drug addiction.

The organization was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles and has proven quite successful in over 75 percent of our nations’ school districts and in 41 countries in the world.  Peer pressure, which is what Michael Jasick succumbed to, is something that happens each day.

Using drugs or smoking weeds or any form is wrong and harmful. The site below contains information for everyone about DARE and how we can prevent more casualties like Michael and Brad.

A mother’s love that is so strong that her One Small Victory turned out to be a lot more for her and her family. What will her future hold; only time will tell if your author writes another chapter in her life.

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