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One man decides to take the lives of seven people in order to save his career. But, what finally happens will impact not only his actions but that of many others too. One doctor whose primary goal is to help his patients lose weight, stay healthy and give them the best medical care possible.

But, this man’s patients cause him to lose more than just his patience when he overreacts, yells, berates and shouts at them when they don’t follow his instruction. End result: the first time his license was suspended the second time would yield a similar result. But, this doctor decided to take matters into his own hands in a more permanent manner. Rather than chance anyone finding out what the patient that just left his office had in mind he decided to permanently silence those still present. Killing his staff, two patients, his partner and then turning the gun on himself this doctor thought the situation was solved and his family would be spared. Enter Dr. Lou Welcome the man who asked to have this doctor’s license restored. Why blame him for the end result?

Anger can be a powerful prescription or catalyst that can send someone over the edge. Wrongly accused or threatened in some manner a person could so something bold and rash triggering a change or course of events that would change lives forever. Dr. John Meacham had a drinking problem and a short fuse. Angered easily using alcohol as his refuge he often berated and yelled at patients that did not follow his advice. Calvin Summers was told to stop smoking. He did not. Roberta Jennings was told to diet. She did not. Screaming and yelling at the doctor was not the answer. Yelling back at these patients was even worse. The steps he took to silence their concerns, threats and voices horrific. Overwrought, unable to think clearly and not wanting his medical license revoked for a second time he decided to eliminate any witnesses to his actions. Seven people would lose their lives that day. Seven innocent people because something triggered off in his mind and he went on a rampage killing everyone present in his office including his partner then turned the gun on himself.

No one should be denied proper medical care according to one nurse in the ICE at Deland Regional Hospital. Why did one doctor decide to dig deep into this man’s brain to hunt for the bullet that would eventually take his life too? Why didn’t the staff administer the right care? Dr. Lou Welcome ER doctor wants those answers too as he witness much of what happened before Dr. Meacham died.

The first lady of the United States is attending an event to support the new Boys and Girls Club in D.C. Why wasn’t the President there? The first lady covers for the President and he refuses to come out since his approval rating declined. Rather than face the public head on he decided to hide. Russ Evans was set up. He was said to have committed a crime against a young girl. After explaining what he think happened to the First Lady and asking that certain bills be passed in order to help schools prepare nutritional school lunches for kids will the President pass them anyway?

Author Michael Palmer once again created a plot so intriguing which envelops the reader into two separate worlds that will eventually blend into one. Lou Welcome becomes suspicious of what caused Meachem to go berserk. Seeking answers would lead him into a volatile territory so explosive it will send shockwaves all the way up to the White House and even further.

When Lou Welcome finds Carolyn Meacham he realizes she is in shock and decides to accompany her home. What happens alerts him even further that something is not right as she accelerates the gas pedal in pursuit of another driver. Causing a slight accident, frightening Lou, the police arriving she manages to get away with just a warning. What caused her strange and erratic behavior remains to be seen.

Then Lou meets with Walter Filstrup and the air turns cold when they discuss the events of the shooting. Questioning his caseload and his handling of his patients Lou could feel the tension mounting in his neck. But, as we say at times this was only the calm before the storm as Filstrup skirted the issue and then lowered the boom. After finding out his fate Lou went to share his information about the murders with the Chief of Police of Kings Ridge.  Events unfolded as Lou spoke with the only living witness, met his father for lunch at a restaurant called Millie’s and other incident happens. One young man slices his thumb off while chopping vegetables. One minute he is working and the next he loses control. More incidents of what Lou refers to as Flawed Judgment. One car accident, one finger, medical procedures gone awry, 7 murders and one irrational President of the United States who loses it when confronted by his wife about a simple meeting. How will all of these incidents blend into one world? What is behind the irrational behaviors?

A group of women get together for drinks at a bar. One receives a note from the bartender that she hesitates to think might be real. But, what if the sender is telling the truth and Russ Evans was set up. Why meet with the President’s wife? Just what is really going on in this town? Then, another incident happens and a recording is sent to the Chief of Staff and told to give it to the First Lady. The message is clear, the evidence is there but what will Darlene Mallory decide to do? Will she meet Double M and learn the truth about Russ Evans or will she ignore the message?

Then the situation becomes tense, as Darlene has to decide how to handle this note and whether to meet with this man or not? Learning more about what happened to Russ and hearing the tape that is sent to Kim she learns what really happened to Russ, hears the voice of the supposed victim and needs to decide whether it is true or false.
Events move really fast and with the help of a good friend Lou finds out that he’s being watched. Hoping to foil them brings unusual results. Riding with two others and then finding the men following them brings about three more deaths. But, did they really happen? When telling it to Chief Stone their stories do not check out as the victim’s bodies have disappeared, the ground not disturbed and all that they find is floodlight glass. Approaching the owner of the field where the assault took place brought forth a strange reaction. Wealthy landowner William Chester and his son Edwin definitely have something to hide. What still remains to be seen as the search for answers continues.

Darlene Mallory the President’s wife is doing some sleuthing on her own compliments of Double M her mystery contact whose trying to have the Secretary of Agriculture reinstated and not allowing the President’s nominee to be confirmed. Why? There is definitely a link to the frame up but when the girl’s name found and with the help of an unusual ally and source the truth about the girl is found but she can no longer help. What do the strange behaviors of one young man, one woman’s car accident, one man who killed seven and the bad medical practices have to do with the President and what is happening in Kings Ridge? Wait until you connect the dots and find out how all of this blends together.

As the President’s wife becomes more involved in clearing Russ Evans she decides to enlist Lou’s help and here is where the two worlds begin to blend into one.

How will all of this come together and what part does a lab have in creating mutation corn? What could be controlling the minds of so many that they snap?

What is the link between termites, frankencorn and genetically modified organisms and will Lou be able to stop what is happening for more lives are lost? A President who has taken the  Oath of Office and one first lady brings it all to light. What happens and who is behind this conspiracy and what is the real reason so many people have died? What happens when one man decides to create something and not care about the end result? Author Michael Palmer has once again penned a novel, which brings to light so many important issues. Just how far will one businessman go to get what he wants? Just how far will one President go to stay in office? Just how far will one doctor go to find the answers? How many more lives will be lost and will the end finally justify the means? Just who else behind this and what happens at the end you won’t belief. What would happen if food can be genetically mutated? Read this spellbinding, thought provoking novel to find out what happens too many have a lapse of judgment and one fortunately does not. Once more Michael Palmer has written a five star novel that will definitely send readers to the bookstore. Lou Welcome: a definite character for another novel.


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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Fran – great review. I have read most of the book, but Michael has sent a couple of audio books to give away on April 20th, since the date on Page Turners was changed quite some time now. Thanks for this fantastic birds eye view. Two lovely people will be receiving one of his two audios during the show. I had to mention it since you have done such a fabulous job here, Sincerely, Nancy (Denofio)

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