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Love Rhyme Reason

Joyce White has wonderful insight into the essential core of the human spirit.

In her latest work, Love, Rhyme & Reason, starting from her summation, “It is the lack of love and self-love that causes so much ruckus in the world,” she moves on to explore the true nature of friendship, quoting from many doyennes of the human character.

It is all too often that we tend to counter aggression with aggression—we are determined that nobody is going to get the better of us, but White’s way is all the tenderer in contrast. She encourages us to foster an inner sense of peace and harmony that radiates gently out towards others.

Her good intentions resonate throughout Love, Rhyme & Reason, encouraging us to be mindful of our own inner sense of self-awareness so that we can reach out in tenderness and compassion to those around us. Assisted by her rhymester friend, Steve Howard, some of whose poems in his book, Homespun Poetry, are haiku and choka. His text blends the warmth and generosity of spirit with insight into the human psyche.

In keeping with her artistic background, as can already have been seen in her two other non-fiction works, Sculpting the Heart with Art Therapy and Sculpting the Heart’s Poetry, while Conversing with the Masters, the pages of White’s most recent work are enlivened by full-color photographs and colorful script.
The book is tangibly spiritually reinforcing and welcoming, in short, an esoteric joy, accessible to all, and much-needed by many.
~ Lois Henderson

* * *

My first choice is to open the windows and tear the plastic away and let the sunshine thaw out my aching bones, winter depression and other damages unseen, soon my poems will blossom like seeds, their roots flourished by the warmth of a sun gone wild, I will kneel and give thanks, as I struggle out of my skin like a sleepy poet ready to dangle metaphors from my pen, we will all drink, eat, and feel more; when we touch, smell and breathe more, we are so privileged to have two working hands and hinged knees to help plant the seeds that come to life in the Spring.
~ Joyce White

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