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Living History

Living History

Hilary Clinton’s criterium for a good relationship, and I agree, is to make each other laugh. About Trump’s politics of fear, Hillary says, “Fear is always with us, but we just don’t have time for it. Not now.”

Hillary once said, “It won’t be easy to do that [make tough changes at home] in our current political atmosphere. But to quote from one of my favorite movies, A League of Their Own: ‘It’s supposed to be hard… The hard is what makes it great.” Doing what’s hard will continue to make our country great.”

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Hillary’s, Living History was published in 2003 by Simon & Schuster, a packed 528-page piece of history. I imagine it took embarrassing bravery to relive all these moments again and again. It is more than a book written by a woman, it is an encyclopedia of how the past often forges the present.

My favorite part of the book was a collage of pictures on the back.  I did not have to open the book to be entertained and informed. It showed a collage of pictures.

Another photo was of Hillary as a student at Yale in 1970; One I especially liked was a picture of Bill and Hillary on their wedding day in 1975, when they were the most admired couple in the world.

There also was a photo of mom and daughter Chelsea in the kitchen of the Governor’s Mansion in 1983; Speaking at the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995.

There is a photo of Stanford University’s orientation ceremonies in 1997; in addition, there was a photo in the Oval Office in 2001 of the Swearing in of Bill; Yeah, a New Year’s Eve in 1999. And, at the center of the collage was Hillary as a toddler with enormous curious and empathetic eyes ready to take on the impossible.

These photos were gathered at the courtesy of The Clinton Presidential Materials Projects. Hillary Rodham Clinton is Living History, more than any other.

In her book, she wrote of generations before her that shaped and enriched her. Most impressive was her determination, high work ethic, and unique stubbornness to never quit. Her staunch motto was “Not now; let’s get back to work.”

She is known to hundreds of millions of people around the world because of her extraordinary journey as a wife, mother, lawyer, advocate, Senator, and Chief of Staff as well as an international icon, as Democratic Nominee for President of the United States. She has lived through America’s great political wars, from Watergate to Whitewater.

As First Lady, she played a major role in shaping domestic legislation. She’s traveled tirelessly around the world to champion health care and expand economic and educational opportunities around the globe.

Her basic inspiration must have been her liberal mother, who was a student–activist, an advocate for children, and a lawyer.  Like her mother, Hillary amassed mountains of interests including logic, psychology and child development.

They were also offended by the mistreatment of any human being, especially children and women. She is a wonderful role model as a woman pioneer.

Hillary sacrificed her whole life despite the fact that she was not perfect. None of us are perfect even Bill. Might men and women define betrayal differently?  Despite personal problems, both Hillary and Bill kept their hearts tucked away and their eyes on reversing the nation’s economic decline, budget deficits and the growing inequities that undermined our health and our security, many of the problems we still face today.

Reform was not just about complex and unending public policies but about people’s lives and our problems are repetitive and nonending. I imagine Obama Healthcare grew out of their first outlines for our nation’s healthcare.

I am more of a poet than an expert on government policies, but I learned a lot about the past. Because of time constrictions, I admit to selective reading. I hope this book will be studied in school someday. I know many will disagree. But, Bernie Sanders recently endorsed Hillary saying, “that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues. That’s what this campaign has been about. That’s what democracy is about.”

This is important when voting. Who sacrificed for us and who took from us? What kind of President do you want? One who gives all she has or one who takes all he can? She and I both hope that the American People would maintain their unlimited reserves of fairness and goodwill towards her when voting.

Reform was not just about complex public policies, but about people’s lives. Hillary doesn’t want human stories of anxiety or suffering to get lost in the arena of public policy. She above all wants her words to convey real life.

She has guts, virtue, and loyalty to her man, daughter and to us unrepresented, which is so admirable in an incoming President. Her platform hopes to reverse the nation’s economic decline between the rich and the poor. She is a woman of strong character, virtue, and energy. She’s a powder keg of ideas to defend and uplift us.

As for her personal problems with Bill, A 60-Minute interviewer, Steve Kroft, once said to Hillary, “Most Americans would agree that it’s very admirable that you have stayed together…” Hillary replied. “I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him, and I honor what he’s been through, and what we’ve been through together. And you know, if that’s not enough for people, then heck, don’t vote for him.”

Nepotism is not allowed in the White House so Bill will have to assist and desist but   Hillary described Bill as a man of unparalleled empathy and ability to bring people together in difficult times. Bill even told a group of children after the Oklahoma City bombing, “I want you to know that your parents…love you and are going to do everything they can take care of you and to protect you…

There are many more good people in the world than bad and evil people.” Sure hope this is true at election time.

He does come to us free and has always been Hillary’s main sounding board. If she’s not good enough for you, then vote your heart but remember Hillary loves her job and America.  She’s a passionate woman who once said, “We are all on new ground, and somehow we must make it common ground…we are stronger together…”

I give this book a 10.

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