Little Girl Gone


Children are supposed to feel safe when they enter a school building. The staff is supposed to supply a safety net to protect them against harm and of course predators.

So, why would the Principal of a school hand over a young girl to two strangers without checking out their references, calling the police to learn if what they are telling him is correct before allowing this young girl to go off with these two counterfeit agents? Supposedly playing a soccer game her mother finally arrives to learn she is missing. The fear in her heart spills over and the heartache she ensues cannot be described as she loses more than just her daughter but her life too.

A man finds himself in prison and gets called in front of a judge who at first glance appears to be mocking him but is not. Recalling the man’s past, his education and lack of effort to complete his doctorate he wonders how this man who is a Shakespearean scholar managed to lose sight of what he really wanted, fight in the Vietnam war as a marine and have to decide where he wanted his life to go. But, his brash attitude, sharp answers and remarks when rebuked at times by this prisoner would not dissuade one hardnosed judge. So, why does he want to see him? What is the A Club and how does it change it life?

little-girl-goneAs we see him six years later he resumes his life as a golfer, joins a club and is quite respected. But, Pete Zwicker, is hardnosed, not easily swayed and when Prentiss Parker reminds him of a man named A-Club he finds the time to sit and here her out. But, can he save her son Jack who seems bent on using drugs? Who are the politicians and people that her husband knows and how does he get the contracts he needs to supply everyone with what they need? Using Keats, Homer and Shakespeare A-Club and others learned how to see life, understand that the world could be theirs and hopefully succeed.

But, we hear the voices of some members of a drug cartel who are out for revenge against the mother of poor Jessica who is missing as we learn more about why they took her, what they have planned for this poor child. Next, we learn about Nicole Wyatt Harding her mother who was once a prominent lawyer but now spends her days either on heavy drugs, hoping that her daughter will be returned, without her husband who has left but finds herself outside in the snow and what is left will her will destroy more than just her life.

As we get to know Pete we learn that his resources are quite extensive and his base of knowledge to find missing people and get the help needed quite wide. When Prentiss approaches him with Allie’s mother, another young girl taken off the streets by this group of three who seem to be collecting young girls for quite a large sum of money we meet Tanner whose occupation is quite unique and who just might provide the links needed to find her. Able to help with Jack, her son to create a better life for this once spoiled young teen, he denies wanting to help her but does when Tanner shows him mindboggling technology that I am sure the author researched or brilliantly created that every law enforcement agency would want and that for you to find out you have to read for yourself. Next, we meet Carly; a young doctor sought after by these same people but better equipped to deal with them as we find out. Interviewing for a job at a Florida Hospital we learn of the massacre and devastation at John Hopkins, which she left in her wake. Three people, one woman and two men strangely dressed at times, not going unnoticed yet under the radar of the police and the FBI as Tanner states, you just have to see the message beneath what is there to find what you are looking for. The author also allows readers to understand the important of what Pete did to help so many young teens and why his help is so vital. Little Gone Girl is a powerful novel with so many messages for both parents and teens.

As Pete becomes more involved we learn about the process used to find missing people, the lengths to which he would go to help the families of these missing girls. But, when in front of the police and the higher ups the author shares with the reader the snags, the politics and the general attitude that Pete is in the way, ruffling more than just feathers and what happens next you won’t believe. Coming in contact with a powerful State Senator what frightens me or would anyone is what happens when he wants to enlist her aid. Three young girls are missing and this politician is only worried about dealing with drug dealers, getting in with the people in Columbia and rising to higher heights.

Politicians, drug dealers, abuse, kidnapping, sex trafficking and more are just the tip of the iceberg in this novel, as you will learn. But, just how will all of this come together and will Pete be able to find someone not corrupt to help him? Why are three young girls you might say expendable to this politician? Just how far will the police go and where will the final trail take him? Three people that take young girls, hire a plane, unload and pick up cargo and then are able to fly under the radar. Author Tucker Mayer brings to light so many important issues but one that parents need to drum into the heads of teens: Never go off with a stranger and never get into a car no matter what. Even more never walk home alone and be careful on dark and deserted streets.

Hearing the voices of Pete and Pop Tanner you learn a lot about the politics involved, the dangers and why this state senator would possibly send some people after him even though he walked out pretty much unscathed from her office after threatening her. But, who could blame him and if going to Columbia was the answer Pete is relentless.

Meeting with the head of a coffee distribution takes him front and center with the people he think might be holding the three girls. Hearing the voices and seeing what they did to one of the girls let’ s readers know about sex trafficking, drugs and the cruel and inhumane treatment inflicted on them and much more. So, what will happen when he and Carly show up at Castilla San Phillipe for dinner with Santes? Will accomplish what they set out to do? Will Billy, Rooster and Clifton stay on the alert to help if needed?

Pete is such a well defined character and Carly compliments him with her strong and straightforward personality you can see them clashing at the right time and hopefully coming together at some point. The cartel is described vividly, their operation and their purpose clearly related, what Orlando does to one girl unthinkable but the reality of the situations related bring the issues to light. The plan in action and a surprise twist that comes and the truth behind Consolidated Coffee revealed. One-man thinks he holds the cards as Carly comes face to face with those hoped would never find her. You are never safe not from these people or are they? Will anyone realize they are in trouble? What about the girls?

The truth behind what was planned would horrify anyone and hopefully make the United States work harder to stop these men from exploiting young girls. The police here need to be stronger with those everywhere else and the laws that we abide by need to be respected everywhere else. Most parents would do anything to protect their children and personally you can never do too much when it comes to safety. With people like Santes and the role he depicts in taking pleasure in his sadistic ways plus allowing his son Orlando the same, makes you wonder.

When all of the players come together the end result will take you on a ride you won’t forget. One crew battling another and one man determined to take down more than just Pete. When you learn what he was going to do and what the end result would be you wonder why we don’t keep our eyes open and our security alert. What Pete gets to see will enlighten more than just him. What is revealed is frightening.

An ending that lets you know the author is going to bring him back again and the final result after his golf game with the President will give you spine chilling chills. Author Tucker Mayer reminds everyone that sometimes people sell out for money. Sometimes people sell out for glory and sometimes others pay the price for your greed, deceit and lies.

Will Pete bring the girls home? Just how vast was this network and how many were involved? Little Gone Girl: Wait until you learn the total. Marine, Shakespearean Scholar, friend, resourceful, determined and definitely relentless: Pete Zwicker is one man you want in your corner. Read this outstanding novel to find out why.

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