The Lines We Cross


Jeb Shaw is outspoken, opinionated and definitely has the vodka or whiskey bottle attached to him wherever he goes.

Deepening himself in many drunken stupors helps him to cope with the world around him. But, when he and his reporter friend Cornelius Ellsworth witness the brutal killing of three men in a bar, things begin to change for both of them, their bond and friendship is tested as one man looks to just escape the world why the other wants answers. Killed were two bartenders and one young man that just came back from a tour in Afghanistan.

lines-we-cross-s-a-bailey-paperback-cover-artA former Marine and veteran of this as many state fake war, running with gangs before his tour this young man worked as the other two that were murdered did, as a bartender at first and then going to college and straighten out. As we listen to Cornelius relate the story, try and get the facts for a story he would run the next day we learn more about the issue of illegal immigrants, the prejudice and racial tension in this area and the fact that the Cinco De Mayo parade was just days away and the air was feeling electric as if sparks would fly and something was going to happen.

Alejandro Castillo became involved in this intricate plot when he arrived at the scene of the murder, flew off the handle and then contacted Cornelius the following day. Enlisting Jeb as his protection in case someone threatened him, the two found themselves learning more about the feelings of the people within this area, the oppression they faced and the strong passion he had for finding out who was behind the killing of this young soldier.

As Jeb and Cornelius investigate the murders the police take an interest in both of them. The dialogue is crisp, sharp, graphic and Jeb Shaw does not mince his words as he expresses his own thoughts about what is really happening. Author Seth Bailey brings to light the issue of illegal immigrants, migrant workers, and possible terrorist attack and right wing activists in a novel that is so volatile with action that could explode at any moment.

Going with Cornelius presents situations where Jeb’s strength and knowledge of firearms comes into place as well as his understanding of being a security contractor. When push comes to shove the police finally realize that just maybe they might be on the same side. Cartels, gang members, civil rights lawyer and drug dealing gang members there is much more to explore before the dramatic ending is revealed and Jeb’s fate is determined.

This plot has many layers as we meet Vlad who’s dealing in human trafficking and filtering the girls in and out of his club. There is Joshua, Jeb’s brother who finds himself in a situation that creates danger for his family and himself. Cornelius and Jeb stick together as they race the clock to find out what is going down on May 5, who might be the target and why? Freedom, equality, hope, loyalty, deceit, hate and the right to just live their lives as they please are just some of the issues the author brings to light within this multi-layered novel. Kidnapping, murders, working with the police and trying to find a way to balance out his own life, Jeb wants to right a serious wrong and vindicate the senseless death of a young girl. With Cornelius at his side, Russell who works for his friends’ uncle, colorful characters and a cab driver named Spamson the scenes are violent, fast paced and action packed to keep the reader glued and on the fast track along with Jeb.

Guns at his disposal, ammunition no problem to gain, armed, dangerous and on a mission what happens next will surprise readers as Jeb goes on a killing spree to avenge a death. But, in the end where does he leave his friends, where is his loyalty and what will the final result be? When will the last bullet finally shoot and kill its target? When will the violence stop? Security Contractor or hired killer you decide! Men hurt, some hidden away as Jeb sets out to administer his own brand of justice as one more person learns what happens when lies come into play, distrust, deceit and the end result is one more death but you won’t believe who!

Who was the girl that was killed? What relation did she have to Torres the soldier who was gunned down? Politics comes into play and the end result will be one young girl’s life as bills are in question and the race is on to find a missing girl before it’s too late. What is DAY OF RAGE! What that means and how it would or will affect Cinco de Mayo would send a message to all immigrants loud and clear. There are many lines people cross when trying to complete a job, deciding on a course of action or hoping to create a fine line between right and wrong.

When the truth behind what has been planned comes out will the life of one young girl be saved or will it be too late? What happens when too many sell themselves to the highest bidder, take fate into their own hands and try to change or redirect the course of events for a positive outcome? Who is the leak in the police department? Who is behind the human sex trafficking and what was Miguel Torres planning to do before he was killed? With the help of PI named Toni, his boss named Bear, CW and a cast of unique characters the ending that will stretch the lines of trust and test friendships to the limit. What happens and the twists and turns the author provides will let readers know that Jeb Shaw is one strong character, one definite personality and will cross as many lines as needed to get what he feels is the job done. What is his final fate? Where will he wind up? Only author S. A. Bailey knows that for sure because Jeb has many more stories and definitely more cases to handle in his own unique special way. An ending so electrifying, so heated and so dynamic you won’t see it coming. This is a definite must read.

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