Island Promises


Island Promises, three stories in one :  Hawaiian Holiday – Hawaiian Reunion – Hawaiian Retreat
Authors: RaeAnne Thayne – Marie Ferrarella – Leanne Banks

Look out of the window of your plane and see the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean, as you view a tropical paradise that will leave you breathless. The Hawaiian Islands filled with exotic flowers, beaches and warm all year round. Say goodbye to the cold, the snow and the ice and visit our 50th state. The weather is warmer at the coasts and the mountain regions much cooler.

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But, it is the setting of three special stories within an anthology created by three of USA’s best authors: Island Promises holds the key to more than just romance, but opens the door to love for three special women. Kauai is the main setting and the stories will bring reader’s front and center to learn just why this romantic vacation spot is one of our author’s favorite places in the world. Reading each story and getting to know the characters the three authors allow readers to learn about the history, culture and recreational activities attributed to Hawaii and some of the amazing customs too.


Author RaeAnne Thayne sets the stage for our first story titled The Ex-Wife.

Would you attend your ex-husband’s wedding with two small children one of whom is handicapped? Would you travel over 12 hours on a plane with his future wife, his mother and his family for your two daughters to attend his wedding and be the flower girls? Megan McNeil decides to leave her job for a few days, pick her up twin daughters Sarah and Grace and head to Kauai, Hawaii for her ex-husband’s wedding. But, not every situation has to prove difficult but traveling alone with the girls can be hard on a single mother especially with one that has special needs. So, what happens when the bride’s brother shows up sits near her on her plane and then reminds her of their previous encounter and sets in motion a chain of events that will endear you not only to Megan but also to Shane, the hot groomsman that just happens to find her more than he can handle. The flight to Hawaii proves interesting as Megan tries her best to avoid Shane, the instant chemistry between them and the knowledge that the brother of the bride might not be the right person for her at this time. Added in his sister is marrying her ex-husband and is hoping to be a great stepparent to her girls. But, the dramatics begin as we learn more about her parents, their many marriages, their self-centered ways and the soon to be brides fears that she might not have what it takes to be good wife and mother to Nick’s girls. Megan is truly an amazing friend and ex-wife to Nick, and although she feels like a fourth or even third wheel at times her presence alone tempers many situations. So, when Megan has doubts why does Cara, the soon to be a bride take the time to explain why she just might be perfect for her brother? With Sarah and Grace in tow, the wedding preparations in gear what will Megan decide about Shane? Will she give in to her feelings or will she use the one statement or remark she overheard without his knowledge to return home and lose the one man who might change her life for good? Read The ex-wife and find out!


This story is not over but is retold by author Marie Ferrarella with two new main characters headed for Nick and Cara’s wedding but on the verge you might say of a divorce.

Amy and Devlin are about to embark on the biggest challenge of their lives. Late for the flight he convinces or tries to convince the airlines to wait for his late wife so she will not miss the wedding and their secret will not be revealed. Not wanting to let on to his pal Nick that something was wrong with his marriage; he works hard to convince Amy to go along with his plan just for the sake of the bride and groom.

Amy is smart but not that smart when it comes to her handsome firefighter husband. Misunderstandings, misconceptions, envy and jealousy are part of the masterful plot created by Marie Ferrarella as she weaves the wedding back into the forefront, creates a new storyline which will take us to the wedding. But, Amy plays along with much of what he wants without revealing another secret that might change it all. As she reminds Nick of what she feels are his infidelities, his transgressions and lack of trust, she is blindsided by her own insecurities not seeing what is right in front of her: Devlin’s love.

As the story unfolds we learn more about Nick’s family and why Cara, his soon to be wife is worried about her own parents being in the same room at the same time. What would happen if her father did not come? What happens when she meets his new wife who is around her age? What about her mother? How will she react? Landing in Hawaii, going to their cabana and trying to hide that she feels sick and the true reason why creates many scenes between these two characters that are humorous, heartwarming and will definitely make you want to shout at Amy to wake up and see what is right in front of her. But, Devlin might claim to be faithful but he does not realize why she is so insecure, and sometimes his remarks show that he does not really understand where she is coming from. Taunting each other, close quarters and much more create some hot and steamy scenes that readers will love. But, will Amy and Devlin give in to their true feelings or will they leave without experiencing the magic of this amazing island?

Whale hunting, swimming, scuba diving and much more were on the agenda for fun as strict schedule of events that Cara created. So, what happens when her father shows up? Who puts him in his place? What about Cherie his girlfriend? Is she really a monster? Island Promises: Which ones are kept and which are broken in this second story: Hawaiian Reunion?


The final story is by author Leanne Banks where we meet the sister of the groom Gabi Foster, who comes to the wedding with a whole lot of baggage of her own.

How would you feel if your ex-husband was invited to your brother’s wedding and shows up with his new pregnant wife? What would you do? As the story unfolds and Gabi arrives she is thrown into the mix with Cara and Nick and forced to take surfing lessons before she even changes her clothes. But, the instructor seems to find something alluring about her and as she fills out the forms for Finn something about him ignites her interest. Almost drowning her first time out, and their instant friendship allows readers to get to know both characters quite well. But, Gabi is a workaholic who wants to gain her father’s respect, trust and snag a new account called the green line, for her father’s company. Distracted at times by Finn, swimming, surfing and learning about his son ( his nephew) we realize that there are many layers to this surfing instructor. After the death of his brother and his wife, he became a father to his nephew Kai, who has special needs in several ways. The story is heartfelt; the characters are involved in this wedding and although Gabi loves being with her family she is apprehensive about Cara and does not know if she is the right one for Nick.

Situations change, encounters, are many and viewpoints change. But, one thing is for sure that Gabi has to make a life changing decision before all is said and done. With Alani, the nanny, not feeling well, and Gabi leaving after the wedding what would make her decide to remain in Hawaii and not get to the airport for her flight home? Bonding with Kai, a rash decision that might safe a life and one young girl that has to decide and choose between work and the man she loves. Hawaiian Retreat is the last story in this great anthology that intertwines all three novellas and winds up with three different views of the same wedding. Will she remain? What about being a mother to Kai? The magic of Hawaii: The beauty of this island and Island Promises: Which ones are kept? Which ones are not? Get your ticket now and find out if you can find romance or rekindle it when you visit our 50th state.

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