Intro to The Fifth Step


Intro to The Fifth Step: The prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys on your very life. Can a man take fire in his lap without his clothes being burned? – Proverbs 6:26-27  NIV

The Fifth Step by Bill Wetterman

Missy Alcott leads a perfect life. Married to a successful preacher, she plays the role of mother, partner, and lover with submission and detail to duty. But her dream life collapses when she discovers her husband is addicted to pornography and in an online relationship with porn queen, Jasmine Clyne.

Doug Alcott, the preacher, deludes himself. He never physically cheats on his wife. Watching porn is only a little sin—no harm to anyone but himself.

However, when Roy Stone, an enemy of Jasmine’s abducts his wife and Jasmine for ransom, his world collapses. He learns there is no such thing as a little sin as his indiscretion threatens his marriage, his ministry, and his wife’s life.


The Fifth Step by Bill Wetterman was released as an E-book through Kindle KDP. It is available in the States, the UK, and Europe. The list price in the States is $2.99. You will never see addiction in the same light again.

This book is rated NC-17 by the author.

Bill Wetterman is a member of Tulsa Nightwriters and The Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc. His first novel, Room 1515 won the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller contest held by OWFI in 2011.

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    Judy Markova says

    This is a theme with high contemporary relevance. I’m sure tempted to buy your book. Hope to read more about it.

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