How to Promote and Market Your Book


Promote and Market Your Book

Excerpt from How to Promote and Market Your Book – a book by Madi Preda – upcoming release.

Think Outside the Box is a marketing cliché, and I have to say that with so many books on the market, it fits. Do something no one else is doing or thinking of because that will get you more exposure. Be different. Be first.

Readers may not have that conscious thought at the time they see or hear an ad about the book, but subconsciously, the information is stored there, somewhere.

how-to-promote-and-market-your-book-by-madi-predaIt is not necessary the content of the book that is unique, but the way you bring it in front of people. If you think outside the box, you can find opportunities for places to display your book. There always are some new forms of advertising, just think outside the box.

Think about an existing form of media, business cards or bookmarks. I think that every author prints them, without huge costs.

Now let’s see how you print them and how you spread them. If you are waiting to meet an agent or book retailer, and keep the business cards to give him/her one, this is just a terrible waste of time and money.

Why don’t you talk with your hairstylist or spa saloon’s manager? I know; it sounds crazy; those places are not normally used to display books’ ads.

Nevertheless, when you leave the saloon, you have a business card, a note, a coupon, or a piece of paper for the next appointment. Why can’t you print a two-sided business card, one side with the saloon contact and the other one with your book? Don’t you think this is a win-win deal? If one of the saloon’s clients wants to recommend them to a friend, they will pass on the business card, and there is your book as well.

Something else that you can do is to print some brochures and place them on the saloon’s table. People are bored waiting their turn so they can read about your book; they have a telephone, and they can buy it with a touch on their telephone screen.

I found myself bored in the GP’s waiting room. He had put there a few magazines, two or three years old, and the same since I know him. Would not be nice if there are some brochures with books? Think about that as a cross-promotion as well for books on diets, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and meditation, and …think outside the box.

Now is your turn: make a list with a few places you normally would not think to, for books advertising. Think why you would not do it, and if the answer to this question is nobody else did it then you are a star, you have an idea from outside the box.

Practical Guide to Transform Your Book into a Bestseller.

Who It’s For

Any author who wants to create and launch a successful book or people who decide to run a little business online, doing promotion for books.

What It Will Help You Do

This guide walks you all the way through the development of the author’s brand and improving sales of the book. Madi covers a wide range of topics: brainstorming, marketing plans for different genres, figuring out your target market and the right niche, designing a website or a media press kit, dealing with social media, using email marketing, and having a launch to be remembered.

What’s Included

This efficient guide includes in part two of the book, a comprehensive case study about a marketing campaign for a book about bullying and discrimination, either fiction or non-fiction. It’s full of smart and efficient ideas about its marketing campaign, detailed strategies with links, worksheets, and checklists. You won’t just receive the information — the case study will analyze the campaign and the target audience, media pitch, and book tour.

The Best Part

The author writes as she talks, in every easy and friendly way which everyone can understand. English is not her first language, and she always says that she likes speaking with other foreigners because they all speak bad English so they understand each other very well.

I believe her. Reading through her book is like chatting with a friend — one who knows her stuff and tries to present it in a very approachable way.

Her book contains valuable resource lists such as book bloggers, publishers, literary agents, newspapers and magazines, independent booksellers, Facebook groups and sites to promote a book, and radio shows for authors. Following her lists, you can pitch media, request an interview, send newsletters to booksellers, and set up your virtual tour.

She uses personal experience as a publicist to help you connect with her, and she takes the time to take you through all the processes. Get ready! This book is not your typical online business book: it’s part business, part personal coaching, part lessons, and a lot of love for the written words.

What Would Make It Even Better

You coming up with some suggestions about what would you like her to talk about since the manuscript is not totally ready yet.

How It will change My Life

You will get to know Madi’s personality and gain a friend who is always ready to help with advice or set up a campaign for you. While reading her words, you ask yourself – “Why wait? Start promoting your own book” If she’s done it without any contacts in the real world of book businesses, you thought to yourself: why have I waited this long.

You’d probably say; that’s impossible. Yes, it is possible, Madi lives in Greece, and funny enough she doesn’t speak Greek, apart from the necessary conversation at the marketplace where she is buying her tomatoes; she starts her day in her pajamas with a nice cup of coffee and her laptop and she is in touch and has done promotions for authors all over the world.


If you’re looking for a fun-loving and creative friend to be on your side while you promote your book, this book will be your new must-have. If you’d prefer a grammatically polished and business manual, written up to an academic level, then you’d be better off buying something else.

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