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Hammer of Thor

Two men are talking in a bar in Miami. The President of the United States has been assassinated and no one present seems to be upset. One ordinary man named Michael Vaughn is one of the men in the bar and second a drunk named Gomez. Talking over the state of what happened to the President they are not really careful about letting anyone overhear them.

Michael is no ordinary man. He is an adept with certain powers that make him dangerous and able to deal with situations the FBI and CIA could not. Special powers that allow him to be protected from danger harm and create spells that would take down the enemy and protect him. From the author of the bestselling novel, Hammer of Thor comes another blockbuster Agent of Artifice by author S. Evan Townsend. Imagine being able to infiltrate enemy camps and not be seen. Magic is a great thing to have and the power it yields will definitely make the reader wish you were an adept too.

Michael Vaughn has signed orders from the late President. Gomez, also working for the CIA as he does needs a favor. In return for getting certain documents he requires back he promises to get him into the North American Guild. Understanding that this guild might be his only choice for protection he agrees. Using several truth spells and persuasion spells he’s able to glean the information from Gomez that he wants and get the assistant that he desires. Wouldn’t it be great to use a persuasion spell to get what you want without the other person ever knowing why? The country forlorn as Joe Kennedy has been killed and his assassin taken out before he would come to trial. Michael Vaughn was sent to Cuba for only one reason: Assassinate Fidel Castro and his brother too. But, will he able to do this one last thing for the late president? Will anything or anyone try to stop him? Magic is great. Starting off with an invisibility spell in order to travel and fly without being seen.
Michael Vaughan looks like an ordinary guy who’s living it up in Havana, having the time of his life. He’s got money, women, practically anything he could ever ask for. Yet appearances can be deceiving, for underneath it all he’s a rogue adept sent to Cuba to assassinate Castro. Magic allows him to infiltrate enemy bases in hopes of gaining the needed Intel to achieve a means to his goals, but sometimes it proves to hinder his plans in more ways than one.

His current task is far from easy. There are those who are watching his every step, intent on thwarting his attempts. Dodging bullets and barely escaping with his life, at times, Michael wonders if there’s someone out to get him and begins to suspect that it could be an inside job within one of the guilds. Someone wants to silence him and he refuses to give whoever it is the satisfaction of ending his life forever.

Author S. Evan Townsend takes the reader back in time to where it all began as you hear the voice of Michael Vaughn as he narrate the story in the first person allowing you to experience, along with him, how he became an adept, his father’s reaction to his decision, the problems he encountered, his escapades and how he manages to live on the edge. Dealing the mob, using his many spells to create diversions, changing the mind of others using persuasion spells and making sure he had his way with those he desired, Michael Vaughn is one powerful character determined to get what he wants at all costs.

Wanting to belong to a guild he needed to show his loyalty and allegiance to its members and leaders. As the author allows the reader to get to know this man you begin to realize his primary objective is his own life, welfare and personal survival. Needing the guild, at first for protection, welfare, money and support he pledged his loyalty. When the man who created the AMA and decentralized the guilds hoping to stop the fighting between the guilds was being attacked and challenged, Michael’s help was asked. But, as he stated before he is loyal to the guild but not really concerned with internal politics or the running of it. Kidnapped, tortured, beaten, shot at and injured he manages to prevail. It is too bad that we all don’t have healing spell. Think of all the illnesses and diseases we could eliminate.

As we come back to what the author would consider the present we find our man character has been kidnapped and placed in shackles in a Cuban prison. But, that did not stop him from his amazing escape. Its fortunate prisoners can’t pull off the feat that he did. As he convinced the guards that he was one of them and then required some help you know that Michael Vaughn was a man of many faces. Asking for help of the Cuban Guild, needing a talisman and hoping to find protection Michael Vaughn once again rises to the top convincing the man he referred to as Teacher, a sign of respect to not only help him but hope that his one mission for the late President would be carried out.

Need quick cash and having no other opportunities our Michael Vaughn forms an alliance with the mob and is now working for them. The revolution in Cuba was front and center in their conversation explaining how an adept functioned and his powers intrigued the head of the mob and definitely endeared him to Michael. Ordered by the mob to kill Castro. In order to kill someone you need to know his or her whole name. He did not. Flashing back to 1959 when he was without a guild and the American Meta Association was his only protection and the most powerful guild. Being a rogue adept was not a plus. Then, flash from the past arrives and his connections return as one woman would change everything and he would now risk it all. Returning to his hotel what he finds surprised him and would put him in danger as a fire broke out and many lives were lost. The head of the guild created this problem and now that he knows his whereabouts and he’s on the move again. What will finally happen to this rogue adept?

Imagine living off your winnings at poker, cheating and not really getting caught. I think that many owners of casinos are glad that Michael Vaughn does not visit very often. Private poker games, living on the edge and never really having one destination Michael Vaughn keeps the reader on a never ending roller coaster ride. With the help of his CIA friend Gomez he escapes Houser the new head of the guild. What is next for him?

Forced to go to a CIA training camp, given the name Jack and taking classes that sound really interesting and intriguing to this reviewer.  Agent of Artifice meaning clever, deceptive, manipulative and cunning. Then the author moves to the Bay of Pigs, Castro’s regime, how that plays out you need to read for yourself. Problems in the Kennedy cabinet, controversy over putting Robert as part of his administration. CIA, mob, infiltrating governments, working alone and much more this man is totally elusive, can disappear and become invisible and definitely a heart throb for women. Covert action taken against Cuba and working with Kennedy finding out what the Russians are up to. Captured, injured, members of his team hurt and someone close to him pays the ultimate price. Betrayed, hurt, and much more.

Will he carry out his mission or will something or someone stand in his way? How this all plays out you will never believe. What is the end result and who will remain alive and who will pay with much more? One lone meeting. One dangerous pterodactyl that is out for Michael and anyone that stands in its way. On ending filled with plenty of suspense, twists, wild turns and definitely tons of the unexpected and exciting. What will be the fate of the AMA? What will happen to our rogue agent, Liesel and the rest? This is classified since he is CIA and I promised never to divulge their secrets, the power of their talisman and of course just how their spells work. Very fast passed and filled with action, drama and a great read. Let’s see what our author has in store for the world next.


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