Daughter Am I – Review


Daughter Am I – Review

In Daughter Am I, Pat Bertram has created an entertaining tale of friendship, discovery, and mystery filled with diverse characters who are instantly likable. 

Daughter Am I - Review

Not only does she bring to life the past world of the gangster era in the current age where it is mostly forgotten, but she also reminds us through her elderly cast just how closely linked the past and present really are.

Mary Stuart received a letter from a lawyer that would change her life.  She learns that not only did her parents lie to her about her grandparents having died many years before but also that those grandparents have just passed away and left her everything.

She immediately learns that her grandparents were murdered!

Driven by curiosity and perhaps a sense of self-loss and the lack of direction her life has, Mary, is drawn into the intrigue of finding out who these people were who her father denied her for her whole life, and the possibility of solving the mystery of their murders.

Mary begins to follow a trail she picks up at her grandparent’s farm, one that leads her back through their life by finding people who had once known them and finds herself travelling with an unlikely group of relics from a past era.  Each stop they make in the search for truth ads another elderly person to her crew.

They seem more interested in breaking the boredom of their lives and the excitement of sneaking off on a road trip than anything and yet hold the key to the secret of her grandparent’s murder.

With colourful characters, leftovers from the long-gone age of the gangsters, including Lefty, Teach, Happy, Lila, and more at her side, Mary finds more than just answers.

She finds more questions and love, and a direction for her life.

Daughter Am I is published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC.

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    Sounds intriguing.

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