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Crown of Vengeance – Review

Crown of Vengeance - Review

Crown of Vengeance – Review

Book Review by Stephen Zimmer.


What makes this book stand out from others? The author makes very unusual use of POV throughout the novel. The story is unfolded by a number of characters.

There is no obvious system to the changes in perspective as we find with some TV shows or movies or even other novels, where the change is mandated by the plot. Because of this, characterization and plot are tightly interwoven.


The story offers readers a mixture of truly unexpected events with traditional fantasy. The book does provide a strong opening for a series but has too weak of an ending to function well as a stand-alone story.


There are a few errors in the manuscript. Despite the imperfections, Zimmer’s writing style is a pleasure. For those who prefer books written for people with college degrees or people who are advanced in high school, this novel will be more appealing.

The storyline moves along smoothly even with the frequent and multiple changes of POV. One gets the feeling that Stephen is used to sharing attention and taking turns in real life from the way the tale is put together.

Target Audience – is this for you?

Readers who like fantasy, and enjoy characterization and scenery will like the story. For some, it may lack conflict, whereas others will prefer the author’s ability to provide some emotional depth to the experience. Readers looking for an entire series are likely to have a higher tolerance for the ending.

At the end of the novel, nothing is resolved whatsoever, but a major movement within a greater plot does occur.


The bad news is that what might have excited a reader on their first hundred books, didn’t strike me as anything other than what is to be expected after 700 books in the same genre. If I were out to trash this book, I definitely could.

The truth is, that I can make God look like a shameful turd if I use enough of the critical attitude and I admit that I read this novel with a positive attitude – I just wanted to enjoy it. I did not read it hoping to be able to tell everyone that it’s crap. I would give it a 3 or 4 where 5 is the best rating; it would be a 4 but the ending is too weak for it to be a stand-alone novel.

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