Carpet Ride


Carpet Ride

Newlyweds Sam and Lynn Stanley embark on a cross-country RV honeymoon with Lynn’s young son Andy.  However their trips turns more eventful than they bargained for when they suddenly find a barely passable mountain trail blocked by what appears to be a large roll of carpet.

Carpet Ride

They have no choice but to run over the object, sending them out of control as Sam narrowly avoids sending them careening over the cliff to their deaths.

As Sam gets out, shaken, to investigate the object they ran over the reader gets the first hint there might be more to this scene than meets the eye.

Arriving at their new home, they find a police car waiting in the driveway for them.  Officer Jenson of the Oregon State Patrol has already contacted Lieutenant Banyon to bring Sam in for questioning concerning their accident.  Sam goes with the officer, leaving his new wife and her son to unpack.

At the police station, Sam learns that he is being accused of running over a person in the road, is possibly facing charges, and there is no sign this carpet ever existed.  The victim’s car, a Ford Taurus, was discovered at the scene with a flat tire and open trunk, suggesting that Robert Riddlin may have been walking in the road looking for help when Sam ran him down.

But how could this be?!  There had been nobody in the road!  Sam was sure of it!

From there things get stranger.  Sam’s wife suffers an accident that could have killed her and he discovers strange coincidences that leave him certain someone is trying to kill him.

Sam’s friend John Canton goes to Boulder, Colorado to investigate the strange events from what he and Sam think is the source, the victim Robert Riddlin.  There, he finds himself an ally in Cynthia Kildeer, Robert’s administrative assistant.

The two investigate but seem to find more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, at home Sam tries to keep himself and his new family safe, finally falling on his wife’s old friend Martin to provide a safe haven, who we later learn has secrets of his own.

You quickly find yourself asking questions.  What really happened to Robert Riddlin?  Who is trying to kill Sam and why?  Will they discover John’s deception and come after him too for play amateur sleuth?

Norm Brown takes you on a carpet ride of suspicion as you find yourself suspecting everyone who is deeply involved until the truth finally plays out at the end. This was an enjoyable read.

While the end comes as no surprise, all the hints were there, it is not so obvious that you figure it out halfway through the book.

I would have liked to get more explanation behind the whole Robert Riddlin affair, however, there are more mysteries to the story than that, and Riddlin is more of a driving force to push the story forward and not the reason Sam and Lynn have been chosen to be pulled into their situation.

Carpet Ride is published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC.

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