Brumbies Review


Brumbies Review

Paula Boer’s first book in the Brumbies series is a gem.

Her two young protagonists, Louise, recently moved to the Snowy Mountains area from town, and Ben, a local farm boy, has struck up a friendship with their common love of horses.

Brumbies Review

When Louise discovers the wild brumbies roaming the mountain parklands are regularly mustered for the sales yards and many turned into pet food, she is keen to save them.

The teenagers come across part of a herd and two particularly attractive brumbies capture their hearts.

Louise, who borrows Ben’s horses to ride, loves a buckskin mare and dreams of owning her. Ben has his eye on a colt. They decide to hold their own muster.

Thus begins a remarkable adventure for the pair and any horse-lover will be enthralled by the storyline.

What elevates Brumbies above the usual pony read is that not only is it set in wild mountain country with all its tough challenges, but Paula has described every detail of what riding, mustering, and wild horse-taming is all about.

Her experience as a horsewoman, mustering on remote cattle stations and capturing and breaking in brumbies to name a few of her talents, shines through with gripping authenticity.

Readers with little knowledge of horses will be delightfully educated and this story is bound to be a hit in schools as well as in the wider readership.

Paula describes the birdlife and fauna of the Australian bush with great enthusiasm. A Glossary is included for added information.

Brumbies is a tremendous story for all ages and may even become an Aussie icon.

This review was originally posted to Aussie Reviews by Hilary Smillie who has conducted over 150 reviews of young adult/children’s books. Reproduced here by kind permission.

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    A great tale well told. 🙂

  2. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    Thanks Jack :-). Brumbies in the Mist (book 3) will be out in September.

  3. Avatar of Carla Rosselini
    Carla Rosselini says

    I enjoyed this introduction to your book. I have also read the book of the week mailing of the sequel. I mean to read them.

  4. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    Thanks Carla, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I am working on the final, book five at the moment. It will be sad (and joyful) to finish. I’ll miss my characters and their adventures.

  5. Avatar of Branka Cubrilo
    Branka Cubrilo says

    Paula, can it get more Aussie than that? Wild Brumbies! I think that Brumbies are beautiful creatures, free and wild; I like the illustration too. With such a review and that ‘pleasing on eye’ cover i hope the book(s) will attract a large number of young people. Good luck!

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