And furthermore by Judi Dench


And Furthermore by Judi Dench

Some of you may know Judi Dench as “M” in the “James Bond” movies or in the BBC series “As Time Goes By.”

And furthermore by Judi Dench

What amazes about Judi Dench is her consistent work in 88 roles in live theatre, some three at a time simultaneously, 33 television roles, with “As Time Goes By” running eleven years, and 35 films and still getting roles and working.

Recently, I saw her in “The Magnificent Magnolia Hotel.”

For her efforts from a few short years after her birth in 1934 until nearly 80, Judi Dench has been honored with every award given for performances on stage and screen, as well as the Order of the British Empire, created a Dame of the British Empire and given the coveted Companion of Honor in 2005.

What is the big deal about Dench’s “and furthermore” after a 1998 biography, “The Seventieth Birthday Book” from her friends, and “Scenes from My Life,” which she assembled also with John Miller?

In “and furthermore”, you get to join Judi Dench as she lives her life, plays her parts, interacts with her friends and family, shares her thoughts about it all, as if just for you, like two people having a story tea time.

That’s the beauty of the gift Judi and John gave me as I sat with my tea, turned the pages, laughed out loud, shed some tears, and thought about the amazing amount of great work Judi Dench accomplished in her lifetime.

I especially liked going with her to the Academy Awards Ceremonies, meeting all the stars,  hearing about all the behind-the-scenes secrets.

Judi Dench is a great storyteller with John Miller!

Stars, nearly a century of famous stars many of you know and remember, make cameos throughout the book and you get slices of life as it happened in their interactions with Judi. You will follow the “Black Glove” as it appears in production after production.

Truly, now I know what it would be like to be an actress here and abroad.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves the theatre!

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