A Father’s Anguish


A Father's Anguish

A Father’s Anguish

Rape is inconceivable.  No one should have to experience his or her body being mutilated and abused by another person. Men often rape women for their own pleasure, lack of fulfillment in their lives or just for the sport of it.

This is one father’s true story of what his daughter endured at the hands of a serial rapist as author R.W. Doyen speaks out and allows you to hear his daughter’s words and feel the pain and anguish he experienced in the novel, “A Father’s Anguish.”

Fathers are meant to protect their daughters and most will at all cost. To what lengths they will go to create a safe and protective haven for their children is often different in many cases. Lawrence Witherspoon learns of his brother’s deceit and abuse of his daughter, Ann. Coming home and finding him alone with his daughter, Charles Witherspoon learns the extent of a father’s wrath.

Laura Stratton is a strong-minded bright and intelligent young woman whose military training and background should have prepared and alerted her to all dangers. With a father whose constant reminders of learning Life’s Lessons and their true meaning were prominent in her mind, she never expected to be blindsided, attacked and brutally raped.

Ann Witherspoon and Laura Stratton were roommates. Ann’s secret was never revealed, as her parents did not report the incident to the police. Laura Stratton’s would remain a secret too, unless revealed by Ann. Two fathers, one end result: RAPE. Two different men, one a brother the other a professional sought to seek gratification at the expense of a young girl. But, one betrayed his family’s trust and the other his profession.

One man so enraged with his upbringing and childhood traumas and abuse, harbored his anger and rage until he could take it no more. Acting out his feelings and turning on young women, this depraved and sick man prowled the streets at night like a hungry wolf going after his prey.

R.W. Doyen is an author, a business owner, an every man’s man, but above all else, he is a father and husband.  Life’s everyday, tedious routines and small issues often get in the way of what’s important, family.  If anyone can attest to this, Doyen can.  He experienced the ultimate horror any father can ever face, his daughter came home to tell him that she was brutally attacked and raped.

Years later, after the pain had lessened and the fear began to slightly subside, R.W. Doyen decided to write about the family tragedy.  What has transpired is a fictional representation based on true events of what a father feels after his daughter has been a victim of sexual assault.  It is a story of fear, vengeance, law and hope.  It is a story of what a family goes through when the most precious gift and blessing of a father and mother, a child, is assaulted and raped.  It is a story of A Father’s Anguish.

As Laura learns to deal with the incident and heal her father becomes obsessed with finding the rapist and bringing him to justice. Sleepless nights, long rides during the day, forgoing meals and work, John Stratton went on a one-man quest to heal himself and his own inner wounds.

After recreating the scene for her father, John was able to piece things together and what finally does happen to our rapist gives the reader thought for pause and wonder whether John’s actions should go unpunished or he should be applauded. What he does and how he reconciles his actions this reviewer will not reveal.

Rape Centers are supposed to keep the names of victims that seek help confidential. But, when those names become public to the police and the victims are approached, things change for Laura, her father and many others. Vigilante murders are not uncommon. As the victims are questioned and the police build their case what happens will surprise the reader hard core decisions must be made and one man’s freedom hangs in the balance.

Witnesses are questioned; victim’s statements taken and the end result will surprise the reader. Whether you agree or disagree with outcome of this story, R.W. Doyen takes the reader inside the mind of a father haunted by the actions of a sick and demented man.

Explaining and outlining the procedures followed by the police, lawyers and grand jury allowing the reader to get a full understanding of why this father did what he did. To the point, well written and heartbreaking at times and very thought provoking, R.W. Doyen’s courage to share this novel with readers is admirable.

Abuse and rape victims need protection and not shunned and made to feel that the actions of a sick and perverted person are their fault. Police and rape counselors need to be more understanding and discretion is the best part of valor so they say. In this novel, regardless of the outcome, lack of discretion could have changed the end result and one young girl’s courage made the difference. This is a must-read for all college students to alert them to the fact that walking alone and coming in at night by themselves is not good idea. Parents and schools need to educate young students male and female on the dangers described and so brilliantly told in this novel.

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    Jack Eason says

    No one should ever be subjected to the mindless brutality of others, especially women and young girls. Unfortunately in societies across the world, women are treated as nothing more than animals by uncaring brutal beasts.

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