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For writers of fiction or textbooks, research journals, or how-to books, it boils down to getting your book noticed, read, and mentioned. You, as an author, are the single most important factor in your book’s success.

Our Book of the Week promotion can be an important tool in achieving the goal of improving your bottom line. This book promotion consists of a publication and mailing to ten thousand+ subscribers. Over the years, Book of the Week has become a popular service of this magazine.

Social media platforms are already structured in ways to reach out to readers and target new ones. These can include mailings, newsletters, website posts, appearances, and many other factors.

At Angie’s Diary, we want to make sure you have the facts and tools to help your book reach new markets.

Over a decade of online publications drove us to create a means to vouch for our best writers; the ones who “get it.” Our Content Writer Certification Program is designed to reward the Seal of Excellence to the TOP 100 copywriters in our Premium pool.

Our Seal of Excellence confirms the certified writer is working at the highest professional level and earned our endorsement to literary agencies and publishing houses. The Certification stands for recognition and authority in the ‘Blogosphere.’

For Premium copywriters that have successfully obtained this certificate, their content at Angie’s becomes a powerful, public portfolio, accessible by a click of the mouse.

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