When I Die

When I Die

When I die I ask that I be buried so that I lie in the heart of that dense black forest at the foot of those mist-shrouded mountains Dig a deep

The Snow Queen

Snorting white beasts leap into the night as the faceless coachman lashes away The full moon sets the snowfields alight to the chorus of the scraping sleigh. All around is the sound of howling and the roaring of a mighty bear. My hostess bids me closer smiling And softly whispers into my ear… “Is not […]

Last Night

I dreamt of you last night. I was surrounded by a crowd of noises and blinding lights. Somehow, in the delirious hues, I found your hand and you pulled me towards you. The rest of my night was lost in bliss. When I awoke alone I smiled, remembering your kiss.

It’s Past Half One

It’s past half one he’s still not home A chilly, moon-less night. Why doesn’t he answer his phone? Before he left, he held me and kissed me longer than he usually does. That look in his eyes! “Will you stop worrying so much?” He stooped on the creaky porch to adjust his worn brown boots. […]