Gift In The Waves

Gift In The Waves

To help spread awareness on the effects of bullying on its victims and in support of the movement to end bullying, I have written a short story. With a young daughter who has been the victim of bullying over the last few years, this is a topic that is near to my heart. This is the story […]

Scorpion Bay

Working as an investigative reporter and a prosecuting attorney respectively, Parker Knight and his wife both had jobs requiring secrecy and chasing down sensitive information. Unfortunately for Parker, his wife has been more secretive lately. Worse, his investigative reporting instincts bring him racing to the scene of an explosion that would rip his life apart. Crassly […]

Review: Carpet Ride

Newlyweds Sam and Lynn Stanley embark on a cross country RV honeymoon with Lynn’s young son Andy.  However their trips turns more eventful than they bargained for when they suddenly find a barely passable mountain trail blocked by what appears to be a large roll of carpet. They have no choice but to run over […]

Knock on Ginger

The doorbell chimed, its ring bouncing merrily off the walls. The old woman pulled herself from her chair with difficulty, pulling her walker to her to use for support. In the slow shuffle-walk of the infirm, she carefully placed the walker ahead then shuffled three little steps. Thump shuffle shuffle shuffle, pause. Thump shuffle shuffle […]

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