Love’s Foundation

Love’s Foundation

Relationships nowadays aren’t built on the same foundations as they used to be. Seemingly, dating for only a few months is long enough for many people to decide to marry. This is a phenomenon I’ve never understood. How is it possible to know if you truly love someone after barely being told their name? The experience […]

Cursed Secrets

“If you could have anything you wanted, right at this second, what would it be?” “Well I wouldn’t want to have all these weird things happening,” I said slowly, obviously holding back. “I already knew that. You say it all the time. But I also know there’s something else you are trying so desperately not […]


Wandering with eyes wide open, but I still can’t see. Caught up in the chaos, needing to be free. The inside is numb from the past, hollow as an abyss. Drowning in fake smiles and laughter, proving nothing’s amiss. Little do they know the pain, how it lingers and takes hold. Biting back the bitterness […]