Angel in Flight (1)

Gerry McCullough’s new book Angel in Flight: An Angel Murphy thriller Chapter One Sounds and movements from the outer door. A voice speaking Greek. A key rattling in the lock. Angel glanced quickly over to the foot of the stairs. No good. She couldn’t get up there in time.  Useless, anyway. It was a dead […]

Excerpt: Danger Danger (2)

Chapter Two Philip Bernstein stood foursquare in the centre of his den, his own personal room, in his chalet in the remote Alps of Switzerland. He was a multi-millionaire known mainly for his generous philanthropy. The chalet was many times the size of the normal Swiss home. Outside it was clean and bright, with the […]

Gerry McCullough (Belfast Girls and Danger Danger)

Gerry McCullough, author of “Belfast Girls” and “Danger Danger” believes the most important thing in good prose writing is clarity. She credits a quote from George Orwell for reminding her that good prose is like a window pane. She says, “I strongly dislike writing which is complicated, pretentious, and hard to follow.” I’ve tried in […]

Excerpt: Danger Danger

Prologue The shining red car hurtled across the road towards them. ‘Dec!’ Katie shrieked. Declan swerved to the left, jammed on his brakes, and felt the Honda bike skid to a shuddering stop. Then it toppled over. There was a blinding pain in his left leg, then nothing. Katie felt herself flying through the air. […]

Belfast Girls (chapter 17)

Belfast Girls (chapter 17)

Chapter 17 On New Year’s Eve, Mary, Sheila and a crowd of the regular party- goers went down by car to Whitehead, a quiet little seaside town with an elderly population. They parked near the seafront and walked down to the promenade in a noisy group. The moon shone peacefully over the sea, reflecting the […]