Pia’s Poem

My memory’s fading. You tell me what’s real. My story began long before my remembrance. My remembrance was as long, as winding as a dirty country road. I told you my story, but was it really the objective one? I remember the day when someone brought quinces and put them on the table. Against a dark […]

A Possible Punishment

Come over. I will take out the best china, The one you gave me as a present Precisely twenty-five years ago The one I had placed in the cupboard made of rosewood To remind me of the frailty of men’s promises… …carried by wind… by carelessness and immaturity… But, do come over. I will place […]

Write Me a Letter (Ricordandoti)

Write me a letter. The letter in which you could tell me The things you haven’t told me for time was running out … The letter I’d been waiting for several decades in the borrowed dreams, in the borrowed and rented mornings in the empty rooms without letter boxes … Write me a letter. I’ve […]

I am a Passenger

My face is an honest map of my Grins and sorrows, Of all my wins and losses, My anticipations hidden in the alleys Under my seemingly placid eyes My face is a map Navigated without a compass Without patience: Uncombed, Unwashed, Raw and Plain A map of Lost and found A keyhole for a non-existent […]

When the Diagnosis is Cancer

When the Diagnosis is Cancer

Cancer is a disease of the cells. It is a chronic, metabolic, systemic, nutritional deficiency, which allows healthy cells to proliferate. It is primarily a stress- related problem. Here is the question we like to get a right answer to: How can we protect ourselves against foreign substances such as carcinogens? Carcinogens, cancer producing agents, […]



We were sitting at the table having breakfast. Father said: “I have something to tell you…Simona’s pregnant…” upon delivering this sentence his face had become as red as if he had said something very shameful. The very same redness spilt over mother’s face, her neck, even her hands became red and sweaty and her fingers […]

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