Without ‘Please’

Three oranges, Three candles: red, white and a black one, The letter there, in the middle, From Pablo of Andalucia… A knife… With a long, smiley blade Anxiety… A rainy day… Horizons in the past and Stiff bread-roll halved for you In case you came back Hungry … Like a hungry wolf And the shiny […]

Santo Silenzio

I entered a church To touch the peace for a moment On the busy street of inner city of Sydney I looked at the faces of self-contented and Slightly indifferent saints preoccupied with Non-familiar ideas to me, at this moment At this stage of my life Only one man was standing there When he turned, […]

I Run!

Oh, leave me, Leave me, Leave me alone: It’s sun, it’s sun, it’s sun – It’s storm Oh, it’s storm, it’s storm Again it’s storm I run, I run, I run: It’s sun – it’s storm Oh, leave me, Leave me, Leave me alone I don’t need another Heathcliff at home.