Quality vs. Quantity

The other morning we all witnessed that Angie had revamped her look: it looks savvy and matches worldly known magazines. The same morning I got a message from my friend Angelica, who proudly asked me to have a look through it and to give her my honest feedback. Which I did. I had written a […]

Stephen Woodfin

Stephen Woodfin

I hope that I am always writing about larger issues like love, justice and fairness. When I write courtroom scenes I am not thinking about legal procedure. My thoughts are on the story in the book, which usually has little to do with what happens at the courthouse.

Michael Arditti

Over the past thirty years Michael Arditti has dedicated his life to the written word writing for the stage, BBC TV and radio, but he is best known as a novelist producing a string of well-received and award winning novels. You were a reputable playwright; was it that only writing a novel could bring out the […]