Dirty Girl

She was naked! Her unwrapped skin was a dirty story-teller Of those parasites. Now she is pale, all her mysteries have been scythed with the nails, All have been disclosed to thirsty eyes. Satirically thousands of fingers point back to her, With no worry she watches post-mortem of her character; All splutter on the face […]

A Long Walk on a Short Pier

My friend Jim said he never loved her more than he did the night she blindsided him on the pier. He swears he never saw it coming. They were in the Florida panhandle visiting friends who live across a dirt road from a lake. It was Thanksgiving and the hosts were dressed as pilgrims. A […]

Hardee County Woman Died and Lived to Tell

Hardee High School Algebra teacher Jackie Brown looks fine for a Pee Wee Valley, Kentucky girl who died twenty-seven years ago. Death had had its eye on her for a long time. “I was a very sickly child,” she said. After Jackie endued a long hospital stay as an infant in Oldham County, her doctor […]

Anything Goes

An article on tolerance got me thinking about Judith Levine and Peter Singer, two people I’d rather not think about. Levine suggests that sex between children and adults in some circumstances is not only okay but actually a good thing for the child. She says most kids will say yes to sexuality at some point […]

Beyond Infinity: Behind the Brick Wall

Scientists say our brains are sort of like super-sophisticated computers and that everything we have experienced since birth, and maybe even before that, is stored away in our hard-drives. People under hypnosis have described in detail events from early childhood; parents and other adults present when the events occurred later confirmed the accuracy of the […]

Cynthia Kocialski

I’d like to introduce you to Cynthia Kocialski – she has written an educational self development non-fiction book for teens that talks about strategies on how to be successful in life. An invaluable resource to anyone who is contemplating a career, and is seeking some sound, straightforward advice on navigating the working world. This interview […]

Do You Need a Great Chiropractor?

Do You Need a Great Chiropractor?

People with back problems are in search of comfort. If you’re among the many who have to endure this condition, pay close attention as there could be a solution to your problem. Luckily, today’s technology has come across many excellent approaches in addition to techniques that don’t require surgery, but can nevertheless provide you with […]

The End

Prologue I have thought about what to do with the following material for the past seven years. I still agonize over decisions I made in spite of my very strict rule of “don’t look back”. Reading through these emails I relive the desperation I felt trying to pry 50 years of “secrets” out of my […]

The Shop

People drove by oblivious to the fact that this was the last time they would see me. They were wrapped up in their own happy existence unaware of the hurtful words that caused me such pain. The crossing guard walked out in the street with her stop sign held high and motioned me to cross. […]