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I’d like to introduce you to Zaheen Nanji – she has written a motivational health and diet book that talks about the behaviour changes and mind-set of people who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off.

This interview will tell you the motivation behind the book and explain why Zaheen Nanji started writing.

Zaheen-NanjiWhat inspired you to write the book?
I have been successful in maintaining my weight, and people who knew me asked how I did it or what my secret was. They were prepared to hear a name of diet or that I exercise every day. I never did any of those except for exercise 3 times a week on my elliptical. My answer to them was simple – I changed my habits and changed my relationship with food. They were shocked with my answer. So I set out to find people that had lost weight and maintained it and what I found were 8 common themes which are outlined in my book “Attract Your Ideal Weight 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off.”

The title of your book what does it mean?
I like the word attract because it puts you in control. Once you start changing your behaviors and mind set, you automatically become a magnet that will attract your ideal weight.
How long did it take to do the research, write the book, and have it published?
It took me about a year to do the research and four months to write the book.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
In the process of writing this book, I learned how others had started listening to their body for symptoms when they eat a certain food that does not agree with them. Similar to people who suffer from allergic reaction which are physical manifestations, naturally thin people and those that have maintained weight for a long time explained that we have similar internal symptoms – these are not life threatening but in time they do affect our bodies and health. For example, for the longest time I suffered from bloating, gas and abdominal cramps when I ate ice cream or drank milk. I felt my stomach was inflamed. However, I never associated it with that food because it would occur hours later. Once I consciously started becoming aware of what I ate and how I felt after, I started eliminating that food because it didn’t agree with me.

AYIW-cover-with-bronze-awardWho is your intended audience?
People who have struggled with their weight for a long time and want to find a solution.

What is your background?
I have a background working in the wellness industry. I own Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition and an after Degree Diploma, Environmental Health.  I have overcome my struggle with my weight. I am a professional speaker, certified success coach,  behavioral weight loss expert and master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. Neuro-linguistic programming, commonly called NLP, describes the basic dynamics between our minds and the words we use and how that interplay affects our bodies and behavior.

Tell us some of the topics in the book.
Attract Your Ideal Weight covers such topics as holistic wellness, food addiction solutions, ways to change your relationship with food, strategies that help you end you struggle with your weight and much more. 

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    I enjoyed reading about Zaheen and her book. I appreciate the share and love Angie’s mag 🙂

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