Vicki-Ann Bush


Vicki-Ann Bush

Vegas-based author Vicki-Ann Bush changed the writing focus from YA fiction to adult fiction. A Paul Collins interview.

Tell us about your background. Who you are, where you are from?

I am originally from New York and when I was about thirteen or fourteen, there was a city-wide contest. We had to write and construct our own book. I enjoyed the process so much, I’ve been writing ever since.


I never submitted anything until about six or seven years ago when my two daughters encouraged me to start getting my work out in the world. At first, I had various rejection letters, but eventually, a small publisher from Wisconsin became interested in my first children’s book.

From there my interests grew and my focus changed to YA fiction and adult fiction, which I currently write. Living in Las Vegas, I get much of my inspiration from the beautiful and sometimes haunting landscapes.

Is there a particular feeling or experience that you hope to evoke in the reader?

I think the common thread in my books is romance. Since my writing ranges anywhere from the supernatural to a World War I battle and now science fiction, I can find only one common element; all of them have a romance. I want the reader to come away with having two things from my books…escape and fun.

Were you influenced by a certain person, artist, or genre?

The contest inspired me to be a writer, but my writing feel…my path, came from my favorite author, Dean Koontz.

If you could compare your book to any other existing works, which ones would it be and why?

That is such a difficult question because every author I think, would like to think of their work as truly an original piece. But we are influenced by events and others around us. So if I had to give you something, then I would say The Garden of Two is similar in its emotional journey to the Notebook.

Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you.

The latest book that I am working on is a science fiction story. It came to me while I was sitting in a cafe at a hotel/casino in Primm Nevada. I had a difficult night’s sleep and was feeling nauseous. As I sat watching all the food servers and the customers, they started to look a bit alien to me. From there, my story unfolded. Sometimes a story is born from the simplest of places.

Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you.

My readers can find my books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. My latest release, The Garden of Two, is currently available in eBook only. They can see what’s new on my FB page, or on my Blog.


The Garden of Two

It was the Great War. It is a great love. Young and new to passion Lillie and Charlie struggle to overcome the boundaries of class, money, and the turmoil of separation. Set on the lush shores of Southern Long Island and the brutal battlegrounds of an occupied France.

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