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The Wordsmith Journal interview with Oscar Correia.

Mary Nichelson: Tell me about the title of your book; Letters for Life: Regis Regum Servitium. I love the significance of it.
OC- First I want thank you for this opportunity Mary. It is a great honor. In 2010 the Lord placed in my heart to create a Task Force and one of the works is to send letters for Christians arrested, persecuted and some friends around the world. The Lord spoke with me to write some books. This first book would be messages to help heal the world. I was thinking of a name and my wife spoke. “You do not send letters to help people?” So, the name was born, Letters for Life, the subtitle “Regis Regum servitium” is Latin, means the service of the King of Kings.

Mary Nichelson: Your message is so inspiring and much needed in a world of negative news. How do you stay so positive and focused on God’s goodness when tragedy strikes everyday?
OC- Some time ago the Lord truly changed my heart, placed in it a strong purpose. It is something that I can not explain. After this work, I had many problems; I was humiliated, betrayed, scolded, etc, But, there was something very strong in me, so like Job’s life. The Lord gave me a very strong love for souls, to help others, using the gifts and talents. To write every Monday a new message-words of help and strength-is truly a miracle because you need time to do this and inspiration of God. Even with so many things trying to knock me down, I continue, because you, me and the true Christians, are soldiers of the army of the great general, Jesus, and (to) serve the Lord is an honor incalculable. The Lord gives us beyond what we asked. You need force; He gives.

Mary Nichelson: You remind the reader over and over in your book that God created them for a purpose and reason, and yet many people feel insignificant and without meaning. You summed it up beautifully when you wrote, “We are questioning the purpose of life, if this or that will work, if there is something more to this life than just being born and living day to day.” What is one thing readers can do today to begin grasping their individual purpose?
OC- A good question Mary. The enemy of the our soul wants to destroy everything that God created. He is the antonym of God; a liar, deceiver, evil, corrupt, malefic and wicked. Many do not know, but are looking to commit evil when they want certain things wrong, certain sins. There is a choice for you to make today, many eyes are being opened of various ways and situations because God loves everyone, not wanting anyone to perish, but have everlasting life. Flee from evil, the facilities of the world and life of promiscuity and dishonor. Jesus will come for a people of pure heart and clean hands; He left us spiritual weapons to make this possible. Hold on to what is good, right, pure and clean.  

Mary Nichelson: Adversity. Hardship. Grief. We have all struggled with events in our lives where we had to ask, “Where’s God?”. How do you personally cope when you experience hard times?
OC- The Lord does not interfere with free will. Man needs to understand that we (are) born and die. Daily (death rate is) between 140.00 to 160.00 thousand people around the world. In hard times I do only (one) thing; pray the Lord, and pray again, because the Lord will listen and change everything. (We) have a great power when we pray. The Lord is our friend and we are soldiers of his army. A soldier does not retreat, never. If the Lord created the universe, imagine (He can) change our feelings.

Mary Nichelson: I think one of the greatest challenges all of humanity faces today is an uncertain future. What would you say to readers that are unsure of their future and doubtful that God will be there for them?
OC- I have done some research and studies and in 14 years human behavior changed dramatically as never seen before. New diseases have emerged in this new century and the old diseases are killing increasingly.  If it continues this way, in 10 years we will face days so difficult, but the Lord says: “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” and “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.”   

Mary Nichelson: Do you have any writing projects in the works that readers can be looking for in the near future?
OC- I have many projects.  I’m writing a second book now. This book will also teach on the Ten Commandments. Thousands of people have never heard such preaching, or listened to only a single time. The idea is to show that God is right and His word has no expiration date. I’m designing my time to write three books next year; one of fiction about the Life of the Luke and your journey, the second volume of the Letters for Life and the third book is about the King David and its lessons for the current times.

Mary Nichelson: If your life’s mission could be written in one sentence, what would it be?
OC– The world is my country, The men are my brothers, and my religion is to do good!

Oscar-CorreiaName: Oscar Correia
Age: 36
Reside: São Paulo, Brazil
Oscar Correia has taken the commandment to love one another and fused it with the great commission-to go into all the world and preach the gospel-to create a unique ministry that brings hope to people around the world. His articles and personal letters to suffering Christians affirming that they have not been forgotten have been read in 100 countries, and are now available in book format titled Letters for Life: Regis Regum Servitium. “When these messages were read in over one hundred countries, people stopped committing suicide and stopped divorcing, and there was restoration. People who live with negativity, sadness, hate, and doubt are incomplete and (by reading the book) will be impacted with the fullness of God.” Considering he has been inspired by what he has witnessed already, Oscar is donating a portion of proceeds from each book sold to help people in India, Pakistan and Brazil. These messages are an act of courage to heal the heart in the world that is losing (its) sanity. You will realize that your life has a huge significance. The search for happiness in the wrong places and temporal pleasures are no longer necessary. This book teaches how to live above the circumstances.”

Author Bio- Oscar Correia is author of articles and messages that have been read by more than 100 countries. He is also the creator of the Blog Letters Vitae, which contains messages of hope, comfort, courage and help. After the death of his son (Arthur Kalani), God gave him the idea of creating a Task Force to help people in nations such as Brazil, Pakistan, India, USA, etc. Besides these works, Oscar sends letters to Christians imprisoned, persecuted and refugees, sending words of encouragement, and showing that they are not forgotten,  developing a sense of responsibility towards them and also distributes Bibles to some countries. Oscar is a writer, interviewer and columnist of Gospel New Journal and Journal of the West.


letters-for-lifeWhen these messages were read in over one hundred countries, people stopped committing suicide and divorcing, and there was restoration. Letters for Life is a pervasive influence that shows the Lord’s voice to understand how to be real soldiers, loyal amid the great tribulations of this new century.

People who live with negativity, sadness, hate, and doubt are incomplete and will be impacted with the fullness of God. The author also shares personal stories to help us understand our true objective: eternal life.

These messages are an act of courage to heal the heart in the world that is losing his sanity.

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