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Interview with Nathaniel Frazier

Nathaniel F. Frazier

Nathaniel Frazier

Nathaniel Fulton Frazier is the author of The Revelation of Why. His passion is creating extraordinary educational material that has such an impact on the world that people from many cultures can find common ground to build a firm foundation to handle personal problems.

Tell us about your background. Who are you, and where are you from?

My full name is Nathaniel Fulton Frazier. I was originally born in Philadelphia, PA. While living with my parents in Philadelphia, I lived what I perceived as the law of opposites. The law of opposites that I speak of is my negative and positive character weaknesses battling a date with desire.

I believe the Apostle Paul hinted about this subject in Romans 9:15-18, when he said, paraphrasing, Paul mentions that he does not do what he wants to do and that because of the sin dwelling within his flesh, there is no good thing in him. Although he delights in the law of God after the inward man, he sees another law in his members warring against the law of his mind and bringing him into the law of sin or negative and positive character weaknesses as I refer to them in his members.

Although there are warring members, laws, or negative and positive character weaknesses, they are a part of the human psyche, as I refer to them. Some were chosen to help humanity balance these traits with a positive way of life, using positive traits. The law that Paul mentions refers to both positive and negative traits that what man perceives as a good, many times is evil in God’s eyes. This is proven in the scripture in Isaiah 64:6, which says, “but we are all as an unclean thing, and our righteousness is as filthy rags.

Of course, at a young age, I was not aware of these things. However, receiving the knowledge of The Revelation of Why gave me the incite to recognize, analyze, process and take action to figure out how and why I made the decisions that I made as a child and until this day.

Most who knew me saw what appeared to be a well-mannered, nice, kind, low maintenance intelligent child. I was well-liked at school and in my neighborhood. Very talented in football and other sports. I was selected to participate in a special summer program that included six minority students from inner-city schools with very high-grade point averages.

Because I have been nocturnal all of my life, going to any school in the daytime was always an extra challenge. When I would sleep, it would be so deep that I could not distinguish between the dream world and what is perceived as cognitive reality.
To combat this, I developed extreme willpower, so now it is tough to sleep that deep anymore.
I did not have bad dreams per se; however, it was a scary feeling that I had no way of coming out of my dream once I was too deep.

I received a full 4 year paid academic scholarship to Wilberforce University. Due to opposites’ law (negative and positive character weaknesses) battling for a date with desire, I only attended a year and left with a 3.7 GPA.
I joined the Military, Children Services Officer for the State of Tennessee, Extradition Agent, Detention Deputy, Liaison for the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office to the Homeless Taskforce, Executive Board Committee Member The Homeless Task Force, Planning Committee Chairmen of the Homeless Taskforce, and Motivational Consultant.

While all that may sound nice, I am very grateful today for being armed with the knowledge of how to recognize, analyze, process and take action not to become a slave to the negative character weaknesses trying to take control of my life battling for a date with desire.

I deeply appreciate the fact that no matter what information is put before me, whether esoteric or common knowledge, applying the techniques in The Revelation of Why to balance my negative and positive character weaknesses helps me avoid being a slave to them.

And it also helps me avoid creating excuses to defend what I may not want to be done to me if the shoe were on the other foot.

What themes does your book explore, and what do you hope the readers will take away from this interview?

My book explores the theme of education. I enjoy training and teaching. As an OIC Extradition Agent and a Sheriff’s Detention Deputy, I had to train new employees. Because I try to be very observant, I like to bring things to people’s attention and leave it up to them to choose what they want to do with the information. My hope for readers to get out of reading my book is for them to learn how to recognize, analyze, process and take action to balance their negative and positive character weaknesses in such a way that they can learn to solve their own personal problems on their own.

If they can first concur with the internal battle that dwells within, helping solve other people’s problems might be a little easier. Also, I want readers to help me put together an International Team of Psychologists, Sociologists, Educators, and App Creators to create an international school curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and High School children worldwide that focuses on learning how to solve personal problems. The Revelation of Why can be used as the foundation for Elementary through High School, and Revelation Why Education can be used for college and above. My greatest tangible earthly goal would be to help get the techniques in my book The Revelation of Why and Revelation Why Education in as many schools worldwide as possible. This would increase our young future leaders’ chances of making more just decisions in life.

The particular experience that I hope to evoke from my readers is for them having the satisfaction of finally being able to learn how to find common ground and how to encourage, for example, Artisan and Guardian mindsets to help Idealist and Rationalist mindsets when they need help.
My book educates people about the seriousness of balancing negative and positive character weaknesses, mental combat, relationships, soul searching, reality checks, cast members, accepting different people’s roles in life, and more.

What prompted you to be an author, and were you influenced by a particular person, artist, or genre?

Nathaniel Frazier–Every since I was very young, I started writing poetry. I have always had an excellent imagination with no limits.
Writing my thoughts on paper is something that I enjoy doing in my leisure time. Becoming an author was the next logical thing. The thing that made me proceed into action mode to become a published author was that during my time as the Liaison for the Sheriff’s Office to the Homeless Taskforce, my ex-wife and I experienced immense communication problems. She thought that since I worked for the Sheriff’s department, I could have done more to find her son’s murderer. I told her that I could not interfere with the investigation, which fell on deaf ears.

I also wanted to help the homeless and the least of these, as the bible says. After receiving a reprimand twice for giving scriptures to inmates, I prayed to God. Did I ask how to communicate with a grieving person and encourage inmates without using religious terms to get me into trouble?

This was when The Revelation of Why began to download into my thoughts. I mean, it was non-stop at times. I could not sleep many nights because I had to write down my thoughts before I forgot them. This made sleep almost impossible because I am nocturnal.

After my book was published initially in 2014, I tried to get into the CCA Prisons; however, the Chaplain overall CCA Prisons said my book was not proven. I also tried to get it in the county jail that I was working at, but the Sheriff back then said no. Even, in 2019 when I made amendments and was proven and endorsed by the Maple Leaf Publishing Company, the new administration at the jail said no.

The new administration’s mission statement talks about rehabilitating inmates through faith-based programs. I proved that using my techniques, staff and inmate report is greatly improved, and staff inmates’ safety is mutually enhanced while maintaining the integrity and upholding facility standards.

The example in my book, verified by the Deputies back then in the back of my book, went as follows: A code was called for an inmate refusing to lockdown. I was the last to arrive as I had inmates in medical that I had to escort back to their floors. By the time I arrived at the pod door, the whole pod had erupted. The inmates started horse-kicking their cell doors and shouting, I APPRECIATE YOU; I APPRECIATE YOU! My co-workers, I am sure they were probably saying to themselves before they realized that it was me at the pod door, what in God’s green earth is going on? When the tower operator opened the pod door, it got ten times louder, and I had to go to the cell to calm them down.

Many of these inmates belong to various gangs, and I am not talking about just black gangs. Two months later, we find that the Sheriff claimed that he shipped 280 inmates out of jail to various prisons throughout Tenessee due to overcrowding.
Don’t get me wrong; I get the fact that many Guardian-minded people would struggle with trying my techniques because to them, they may feel like they are giving up some of the power and authority that they are granted. However, I beg to differ. I proved that when I went cell to cell and asked each inmate can you help me work on my negative character traits, and they said yes, in reality, I gained more power than any other Deputy in that jail. I said all I ask you to do is beat, saying, I appreciate you before I beat you. I told them that I appreciate you for you being you, not for what you did or what you are going to do today; you make me happy, tomorrow you might not, but I still appreciate you. In other words, I do not judge what is. I went from cell to cell to all of the male inmates on all four floors.

Just imagine how you would feel if you have done the same thing that I did, and every pod you entered a pod, it erupted with inmates trying to beat you saying, I appreciate you when they see you. Then, having OG gang leaders telling you that all the gangs highly respect you, I would walk in a pod by myself, it would erupt with inmates trying to beat me, saying, I appreciate you from all of the gang’s members of all of the various gangs.

Even now, I no longer work there; whenever I see an ex-inmate and ask them, do you remember, when I would say, I appreciate you, they would say yes and how they are doing now that they are out. Some out would remember some inmates and still try to beat me, saying, I appreciate you when they see me. If this can help inmate behavior by using just one of my techniques, then applying the other ones would really enhance student behavior, solve personal problems, and teach them how to recognize, analyze, process and take action to balance their negative and positive character weaknesses.

I did appreciate the things that I read about the way of life that Jesus taught. I am a humanitarian at heart and want to help when I can. That being said, I also believe in the balance of all things that be. This is why my accountability chart has both positive and negative sides to balance both negative and positive character weaknesses. Following the thought process of teaching the genre of education seemed most advantageous to me.

If you could compare your book to any other existing works, which ones would they be, and why?

At this time, I am not aware of any other work that is like mine. I like being unique and being a trendsetter.

Tell us about your latest work and what inspired you.

My latest work is called Revelation Why Education. This work digs deeper into the origins of the law of opposites, mental combat, cast members, explain why using The Revelation of Why helped me understand the Mental Combat I experienced while making good or bad decisions.

It explains why it is important to avoid feeding your mind with negative ideologies, Revelation of Why Solutions to help Spread Awareness, and How to Take Action to Fix the Problem of Unbalanced Positive and Negative Traits On your Own.
I go much deeper into explaining why using Dr. Keirsey’s questionnaire sorter to bring to light the different temperaments in harmony with my accountability chart can find common ground among personality types of opposite mindsets. It helps if you use an open mind and leave a hot topic out of your decision-making process.

For example, I was about 3 or 4 when I observed my step-father yelling at my mother and smacked her across her face with an ear of corn.

This initiated the esoteric negative character weaknesses of not liking my stepfathers’ tonne and resentment. The regular negative character weakness of anger, hate, and fear entered my mental battlefield.

In my mind’s battlefield, fear did not battle for a date with desire.
Instead, fear won the mental combat in my mind, and I went out on a blind date. When fear won, it said, to the other negative character weaknesses on the battlefield, “who dares to come near, this mind is mine, do I make myself clear?“

What appears to be a rhyming poem is really a spell.
The blind date was neutrality, where you agree to disagree because of a lack of knowledge. Meaning, I disagreed with the behavior of why my step-father smacking my mother in the face with the ear of corn. However, given that I am dependent on my parents and afraid of this abusive man at my young age, I must agree to disagree, especially without knowing the whole situation.

When my step-father taught us that children need to be seen and not heard, mental combat ignited in my mind. Then, he had the nerve to cheat on my mom with the church secretary, who he went on to marry. The esoteric negative character weaknesses that entered my mind’s battlefield were resentment, unloving, rebellion, and voice tone.

Now, new esoteric negative character weaknesses entered and engaged in mental warfare, which were: short fuse, control-power, unforgiving, covert, stealthy, masking emotions, underhanded, sneaky, undercover, and manipulation. Unforgiving would reign victorious and go out on a date with desire. When unforgiving won, it said to the combatant on the mental battlefield, “only I hold the keys to the mind of those of the living, you may win a battle, but after a while, they always come back to unforgiving.”
It was during my Elementary School graduation that I first found out that all this time, my mother had lied to my brothers and me, telling us that my step-father was my real father.

I guess my mother called herself trying to beat my biological father from telling me that he was my father instead of the replacement at home while we were sitting at an adjacent table during the Graduation dinner. My esoteric negative character weaknesses level of unloving, short-fuse, rebellion, defiance, and resentment was elevated as one might expect.
This time it did not rise from my step-father; it rose from my mother.

Now there was a new esoteric negative weakness entering my mind, which was fault-finding on my mother.
The regular negative character weaknesses of above were elevated as well. New regular negative character weaknesses enter my mind’s battlefield, which were lack of trust, lying, hurt, desperation, wanting to die, loneliness, selfishness, spitefulness, and betrayal.

I felt this way because my so-called loving mother was the only one that I could trust at that time in my life. When I was 17 or 18, I lived with my biological father for about 6 months in his efficiency apartment before going to college. During that short time, he would instill the phrase, “you don’t have to take nothing from nobody!”

Little did he know that he contributed to the mental combat that was already engaging in my mind.
Installing this negative character phrase in my mind would soon prove its dominance and subdue all negative character weaknesses to date. For example, I had a 4 full-year paid scholarship to Wilberforce University. Because I received a stipend to go to Osteopathic Medical College in the 10th grade during a summer program, my interest was in microbiology.

I was so obsessed with microbiology that I purchased my own microscope at home, and whenever I would ride public transportation and someone would cough or sneeze without covering their mouth, I would cover my mouth, and I would say, something smart about the person not covering their mouth out loud in frustration. I have left the dinner table to eat in the Livingroom if one of my family members coughed or sneezed without covering their mouth. While on the plane to Wile University, I told my mother that if they didn’t have Microbiology as my major, we can get back on the plane and go back to Philly.
She said at least give it one year to see if you like it.

When we arrived, and I received my syllabus, it said that my major was Biology Pre-Med.
As one might expect, instant mental combat ensued. I said, “mom, the recruiter lied to me, just like I thought he did.”
While all of my negative character weaknesses above engaged in my mental battlefield, the negative character weakness of disappointment won the war of negative character weaknesses, only to battle the positive character trait of respect.
I may have been mad at my mother in the past, but I always maintained respect for her no matter what.
Respect told the negative character weaknesses on my mental battlefield, “bow down and don’t you forget when I am summoned, you’ll be filled with regret!”
I told my mother that I would do a year as she asked, but that is it.
My classmates were jealous of me in my psychology class because I was the only one who could tell the teacher exactly how I opened his trick knife.
After waking up from my half-sleep mode, I raised my hand and asked the professor, do you want to know how I opened the knife?
The professor looked at me and said, yessss, in a sneaky, sly voice.
As he walked over to me with the knife, only 9 females and 5 males were able to open the knife, but none could reveal the logic to justify how they opened the knife instead of it being just by pure luck.
I told the professor that a small ball barren in the knife moved in and out of a hook inside that keep the ball barren in place.
If you hold the knife upside down and open the knife with the blade facing down, when you pull the blade out, it will release the ball barren and free the blade to be released.
All of my classmates started to bust out laughing for about 1 minute.
After the class got done laughing, the professor said, “class, I believe that we have a scientist within our mist.”
Little did the professor know that I experienced mental combat fighting sleep.
The negative character weakness of lack of concentration and mental fatigue would always remain the last two standing toe-to-toe fightings it out for the date with desire.
Mental fatigue won the date with desire.
When mental fatigue won, it said to the other combatants, “you are not strong enough to compete in my league, for I dominate all, and when I am done, you suffer from mental fatigue.”
When my classmates laughed at me, the regular negative character weaknesses that joined my mental battlefield were anger, frustration, and loneliness after the professor complimented me.
For the first time, the negative character phrase my biological father said entered my mental battlefield.
It said, “you don’t have to take anything from nobody!”
From that day on, the negative character weakness of fear would disappear.
I have to take nothing from anybody who went out on a date with desire.
The negative character phrase said, “bow down and bend the knee, to the lord king of all territory!”
My classmates tried to get me to challenge a valedictorian from Michigan to an IQ test.
I told them that humanity does not possess the knowledge to access the acumen of humans accurately.
My case in point is the fact that I am nocturnal, and most people process mentally better in the daytime as opposed to night.
We had different teachers with different teaching styles from various backgrounds fighting their own mental warfare while at home or at school.
Depending on the mental warfare going on in the teacher’s mind, it has a lot to do with how effective that particular moment in time for teaching the students would be.
I was forced to go to school in the da.
Many days after many days after school, I would take a nap before I went outside to play because I was so sleepy.
Many times, when I would sleep, it was so deep that I honestly could not tell the difference between the dream world and the awakened cognitive state that most call reality.
After I completed one year with a 3.7 GPA.
I joined the military and remained true to my convictions of what I stated to my mother and not wanting to deal with narrow-minded classmates.
This was also when the esoteric negative character weakness of short-fuse began to mature.
These are just a few examples of the origin of the mental warfare that ravaged my childhood.
From this small example, can you not see just how easy it is to cross the thin line that separates the choice of playing the role of a hero or a villain?
I use the help of God through the use of The Holy Spirit, The Comforter, Prana, Ki, or Chi to help me utilize the law of opposites to help fight against the negative forces that try to go out on a date with desire. Like the Lord of the Rings, yet different, I envision the negative character weaknesses mentioned above and many more being greeted by the Spiritual Conductor called Pure Harmony, who I perceived as The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Prana, Ki, or Chi.
Pure Harmony’s job is to bring balance to what is; for example, just like protons are positive, electrons are negative, and neutrons are neutral, the neutrons facility balance in atoms and molecules no matter how many electrons are on the outer ring.
I listen to the song called Victory from Candy Factor that is located in the attachments above and recite the following words below while it is playing at the same time:
It presents me as the vaccine’s vials movie having total contra male and female voices that battle for a date with desire.
I hear them entering the battlefield.
Can you?
The Spiritual Condu greets them. For instance, an actor called Pure Harmony says, now, bring forth the talents you were given, and let it reverberate with one cause to bring about eternal love, eternal joy, eternal peace, and eternal happiness.
The esoteric negative character weakness of tone of voice said, “I will watch the tone of my voice.”
The positive character trait of sharing said, “we will share our voices.”
The esoteric negative character weakness of resentment said, “I resent anyone who does not want this world to be a better place to live in.”
The positive character trait of healing said, “you are healing now.”
The regular negative character trait of fear said, “despite what you hear, do not fear, but stand your ground!”
A positive response to negative character weaknesses said, “I thank God for his loving-kindness to speak through you.”
The regular character weakness of hate said, “I hate the people that allowed me to take over their minds instead of fighting for a better world that all can live in peace and harmony.”
The positive character trait of love said, “you are loved still.”
Pure Harmony says, “do you hear the male voices?”
“They aren’t trying to dominate the female voices.”
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
The negative character weakness of anger said, “I get angry when someone upsets the world and refuses to think about others.”
The positive responses to negative character weaknesses said, “We will exercise control and restraint.”
The negative character weakness phrase of “I don’t have to take nothing from nobody” said, “I will no longer allow rebellion to sleep in my bed.”
A positive character trait said, “I appreciate you, though.”
The esoteric negative character weakness of unforgiving said, “I will use my strength to help those among the living, and remove my influence of unforgiving.”
As the voices intertwine, they form a bond that cannot be broken.
Ladies and gentlemen, the positive and negative voices use their strengths to contribute to the harmonious feelings you are feeling like one.
The past is now behind us, and the future has now begun.
Equally, intensify your thought and heart intention,
So, that the language you speak to the Comforter, Prana, Ki or Chi can justify the balance that affects what you mention.

I want to take this time to thank Paul Collins for interviewing me and allowing my book to get more exposure and to my old and new readers that are looking to educate themselves with the knowledge that you can help contribute to making a profound effect on the world. This may help you recognize the ticking time bombs walking around waiting to go off at a moment’s notice to defend their thoughts, help our young and upcoming students learn how to solve their own personal problems, become better decision-makers after balancing their negative and positive character traits, teach you the reader how to challenge each other how to find common ground with an opposite mindset if they are willing to work with you on their own personal issues, build trust and love and unity within the family unit.

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