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Interview With Barbara Garro: As a Writer, Artist, Coach, Speaker, I’ve discovered that most people don’t care about my advanced degree, my U.S. Patent & Trademark Registered Mark for my Character Architectural Technology Communication System, how many different Marquis’ Who’s Who Biography Books have profiles of me, or how many painting, writing, and speaking awards I have won.

Interview With Barbara GarroMost clients seem to want to know how what I know can help them grow lives they’ll love living. I work with amazingly creative & talented people who quickly learn how special they are when I coach them to enjoy the happy lives they deserve.

What got you into writing, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Always drawn to writing my thoughts, I began writing my autobiography at age eight, so I have written articles, books, songs, stories, poems almost forever. What I enjoy most about writing comes from the adventure. Literally, I write every day, never had writer’s block. And, now, stay tuned, I am exploring the world of fiction, specifically romance novels.

Which writer influenced you the most?

Like writing, I have read all my life. I find each fiction, non-fiction writer, poet, essayist, or philosopher who offers me gifts. Pick one? The Holy Spirit who inspired the Holy Bible.

What turns a good story into a great one?

Exciting surprises that bring me to satisfying closure that shows me I have read a great writer’s work.

How do you balance your schedules and artistic goals with everyday life?

As an Artist, Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Coach, my work takes center stage during the week and everyday life gets prioritized. Weekends I take my leisure, worship my Lord. All work comes out of my Creative Cottage, which has a place for each activity. For example, I am painting four entries for an upcoming art show I must deliver before the end of this month. Still, I can prioritize to complete Bart’s Questionnaire for Angie’s Diary.

What do you aim to evoke in the readers of your books?

My goal with each non-fiction book bestows co-authorship on each reader, so they discover themselves chapter by chapter in an exciting way through questions, new ways of looking at familiar subjects, and confidence in casting aside habits and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Grow-Yourself-a-Life-You'll-LovePlease tell us about your latest work, what inspired you to write it, and the research involved.

My latest book now being sent out to publishers is titled: “Grow Yourself a Career You Love.” As a small business writer of “Garro Talk,” I keep myself familiar with the challenges of people on career paths. The research involved reading, browsing the most popular business books, gleaning through nearly forty years of business articles, Internet searches on specific

Can you give us a story outline of your book?

Book Skeleton: 27 get-to-the-point chapters divided into three fleshed-out-to-the-point parts. Part 1: Take Charge of the YOU You Bring to Work. Part 2: Take Charge of How You Relate at Work. Part 3: Create an Action Plan for Loving Your Career. Through these subject-specific chapters, concepts come presented in a need-to-know action format. Here’s what needs to be done, and here’s a way you can do it right now. Each chapter includes a Chapter Challenge and a Harvest Summary of Key Points and Concepts. The Target Readership: College Students Graduating, Encore Sector, Challenged Mid-Career Workers, literally everyone working in superior or support positions can benefit from the success-help information provided.

What was the most difficult part of writing this particular book?

Gleaning through all the research, updating the statistics, looking at today’s career environment and where it is going in the future. Based on that, deciding what demanded to be in the 27 chapters.

Can you tell us about how you had your book edited, published, and its cover art created?

I am currently submitting this book’s proposal to publishers and entering it in a non-fiction book The publisher would provide some editing and the cover art.

What made you ultimately decide between self-publishing and conventional publishing? And will you use the same structure for your next publication?

Currently, four books have been published by conventional publishing because that is the way I like it. I have been a published writer for most of my adult life. I see myself as a writer, not a publisher. Currently, I am in conversation with a publisher for “Meet Barbara Garro,” a combination fine art and poetry book. In addition, a chapter on Barbara Garro appears in a book coming out this month by Ann Hauprich profiling individuals of interest. Currently, I am culling through and having edited my 999 poems in five themed books intent on submitting them to publishers. Would I consider self-publishing my poetry? I am keeping up with the self-publishing options evolving….

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“I kept a half-page Sunday feature article about Barbara Garro’s work on my desk for two years before I called her. Nearly immediately, I was sorry I waited so long. She got me so excited about where else I could go in life, my feet danced me out of my seat. Call her. If she’s right for you, you’ll light up with motivation, too.”
– MC Glens Falls, NY

“I didn’t understand the name ‘Electric Envisions” until I had my first conversation with Barbara Garro. I instantly became someone bright, worth talking about, worth investing in. I came as a painting student and soon illustrated a children’s book, began writing poetry, bought business cards, an outdoor display tent, and started doing shows with my watercolors, cards from photographs of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and I’m having a ball being me!”
– FS Greenfield Center, N.Y.

“Unhappy, nothing working, feeling lost and unloved, wandering around the Self-Help section of Barnes & Noble, I saw Barbara Garro’s Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love and felt a tinge of hope. I learned how to do life better, and her book’s been my Life Bible ever since. It sits on my night table to keep me loving my life and the people I choose to be in it.”
– BCF Montreal, QC

“When I read Barbara Garro, the more and more self-aware and alive I feel. Book after book, she asks me questions that allow me to go inside and learn more about who I am, what I am about, and where I want life to lead me right now. Her loving insights help me grow better mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve stopped smoking, started watching my weight, taking better care of myself, and see myself in a much more positive light.
– MR Cherry Hill, NJ

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    Angie & Bart always amaze with their kindness to we creatives.

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    Love your contributions to Angie’s, Barbara. Such an interesting person you are.

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    … and thanks, Bart, for putting the spotlight on Barbara.

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