They say you should never judge a book by its cover. Well, that is the same approach you should take when you meet the Unique IniffaJennifer. You should look at her in three-part harmony.

At a glimpse, you may think of her as a regular, local Montegonian pushing her way through the local market. This is far from the point. Iniffa is an accomplished artist, singer, and songwriter. She has immersed herself in African Arts & Culture which find expression her “rootical” appeal.

As a child of the diaspora, she listened keenly to the rhymes, rhythms, and melodies of the “Roots Rock Steady” era.

Influenced by her family of artists, Marcia Griffiths, Nina Simone, and Rastafari music, naturally became her passion and the path of her inner expression. Iniffa is not just a ‘one-drop’ lyrical artist. She sings R&B and Fusion (Reggae$ Jazz).

While in conversation with Iniffa, you will find her to be easygoing and not opinionated. Her musical sound isn’t as simple. Her current single “Stepp’n” (in love) is not just lines of words followed by artificial musical sounds. The song has an infectious beat and rhythmic effect which adds to the mood and meaning of its lyrical content which speaks to what seems to be negative and making it positive, or to take the joy & pain together and keep Stepp’n.

“Roll”n another of her current video singles, speaks to a mature audience primarily, it says in beautiful simplicity, don’t give up on LOVE in your fellow man, nor get short-sighted or too static in life.
“Tree of Life” the Theme song to her EP “BasSick” is not for the frivolous mind. Here Iniffa appeals to the inner consciousness of us all. She encourages us to rise above petty hate, bigotry, and anti-
Semitism and embrace the universe because we all feed on the Tree of Life.

On carefully listening to Iniffa’s lyrics of “Tree of Life” you’ll find out that she wants to spread peace, truth, joy, and harmony to all people. Not driven by material gain her “trod” is spiritually led, firmly based in an African identity. Her appearance, character, and personality are in “sync.” A tall order in this trivial society. Stepp’n or Roll’n this Empress is moving upwards.

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    Everette d woods says

    Love her music and her talent of the art s

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    Don Hutchinson says

    love her music

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