BRIT LIT WIT: Mr.J UK International Interview




US’s Amateur Austere Award Achieving American Author, Mr.J


UK’s Bloody Brilliant British Bibliophile Book Bloke, Mr. E

MR.E: ‘Ello, ‘ello, Mr.J. Like tah congra’ulate you on winning ya award, I woul’, I woul’. Now, asking meh opening ques’ion, I am, I am…How ‘tis ya firs’ expe’ience in de UK when ehtis contras’ed tah de US, meh guhhhd sir?

MR.J: Uh um umm…Thanks for giving me the award, because it made me realize something-Virginia has always felt like my hometownBut now, London will always feel like my home.

MR.E: Cheers, innit? ‘Tis be Absolu’ely majes’ic,’ eh ‘tis, ‘eh ‘tis. An’…Back to meh opening ques’ion, ‘ole chap?

MR.J: Oh yeah, well, umm uh err…to answer your opening question-As a wordsmith I noticed that there’s a slight, just slight, language barrier. Not like the Great Wall of China sort of barrier but more like the wall the US tried to build across the Mexican border sort of barrier.

MR.E: Brillian’, bloo’ey brillian’,meh guhhhd ‘ole ma’e.  Coul’ ya give an examp’e of de seman’ic similari’ies or discourse differences be’ween de two linked langua’es tha’ you’ve been privy to during your England excursion?

MR.J: Uh um umm…home in the US if I said that I lost several pounds a day, the preponderance of Americans would precipitously postulate that I probably have an eating disorder…But here in the UK if I said that I lost several pounds a day, the preponderance of British would precipitously postulate that I probably have a gambling problem.

MR.E: Ha, righ’, right. Wha’ abou’ de cul’ural differences?

MR.J: Well, it seems everyone drinks like fish, sophisticated, articulate, fish.

MR.E: An’?

MR.J: And everyone dresses in 3 piece suits, derby hats, with pocket watches and posh umbrellas as if the sidewalks were a brick layered catwalk the world’s foggiest fashion show.

MR.E: An’?

MR.J: And…uh uh umm, everyone speaks so eloquently to their children and at home, we speak to babies like they’re a puppy or just got the Bronze Medal at the Special Olympics.


  1. Avatar of Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J
    Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J says


  2. Avatar of Tony Yule
    Tony Yule says

    Such brilliant articulately put questions from a member, obviously, of the elite journalistic body of top English interviewers. This interviewer is undoubtedly a pillar of our society er uhm….or did I mean PILLOCK?

    Mr. J, as you can read, has a deep understanding and knowledge of the British culture and psyche. he should be commended er uhmn ……….. did I mean committed?

  3. Avatar of MR.J
    MR.J says

    LOL I was there Mr.Y.

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