Artist Spotlight: Jessica Gorlicky


Jessica Gorlicky is a fine artist that was born and raised in Toronto. Gorlicky started painting at age thirteen, and the city was is her inspiration. She specialized as a landscape and architectural artist. At age seventeen, she studied art in Italy in a student exchange program through Upper Canada College.

She came back fluent in Italian. In 1997, she started to explore abstract painting, applying to many local art schools in Toronto. “My grades were not high enough,” she told me at her 10,000 foot studio in North Toronto, “my portfolio was not abstract enough. I remember not getting in and being discouraged.”

Jessica Gorlicky, Artist Spotlight: Jessica GorlickySo, Gorlicky continued to paint, regardless of the rejections. In 1998, one year following her trip to Italy, Jessica Gorlicky sold her first painting for $500.00. “That changed my life for sure,” added the now Super Star from Cirque du Soleil, while she sipped a glass of Perrier.  From than onwards, she quit her job as an in-store sales representative for Le Château at Promenade Mall and started her real career as a paid artist. “From that moment,” she gestured to me, attempting to verbalize and give a mental illustration of her tale, “I made the decision to push full force in my art career.”

She had no guidance, no money, and was fearful of entering the realism of her chosen career. At the age of twenty-four, in the year 2000, Jessica became a full time artist. She had help from her then boyfriend, who became her husband.  At that time, he designed her website.  “Back then, how much art works did you sell?” I asked her.

“I sold twenty to twenty-five art pieces a year,” she answered.

Gorlicky would apply to get in to local art shows in Toronto to get a reputation, and get more exposure. She sold more pieces a year. Jessica then began to enter the world of live art paintings across the city. In 2010, she travelled across Canada for the Olympic Torch Relay, followed by seventy seven performances for Cirque du Soleil.

“I am currently performing across Canada and the USA, and am happily selling my art work in the process,” she said, holding up her arms with pride, “in my 10,000 foot square studio!” she burst with enthusiasm. “I plan on taking over the world one painting at a time, inspiring others around me to do what they love to do.”

Jessica Gorlicky does business commissions with her art work and loves the challenge of creating new works through her client’s vision.  This is her YouTube channel for 95 videos of around the world and studio/exhibits and creations.

  1. Gabriel Constans says

    Thank you for letting us know about Jessica and her work Paul. Great stuff.

  2. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Paul, I echo Gabriel’s words. Well done and interesting indeed.

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