Article Writing Tips

An important objective of article writing (guest-blogging, copywriting) is to share your knowledge on a particular subject. Your readers will appreciate your expertise and the information provided in the article. As a result, they might want to know more about you and follow your publications.

Oftentimes writers have a secondary objective: advertisements or commercial links. Guest-bloggers may have different motivations, but we clearly distinguish two groups:

Most writers have a website, and a reader who becomes interested in your writing is likely to search for a link to your site. Thanks to your submissions, different sources will provide access to your site – not just from our Angie’s Diary directory and networks, but also from other websites that display and share your articles.

Links to your website and social media pages, help promote it on different search engines. So the more your article gets “read and spread” on the Web, the better your site’s ranking will be.

Learn how to make your articles stand out:

Article Title
The most important item, and the first entity readers and search engines spot, is the article title. Make your article stand out among numerous others by having a clear and convincing title. If nothing else, it should entice the visitor to keep reading. You should use relevant keywords but don’t ‘stuff’ meaningless keywords in the title in an effort to rank better. For example, an article about travel with the title “traveling” has no meaning for the reader, who will move on and look for the next article on the subject.

Article Description
The article description is the second most important ingredient in reeling in the reader. The description tells the reader what to expect from it. For this reason, the summary should be well-written and convincing.

Article Content
The content of the article is the core element of the whole process. The article itself is a great opportunity to place relevant keywords in order to improve search engine indexing of the article. It is also the opportunity to place links to information resources (to improve credibility) or to relevant pages on your site.

Quality and Originality
Nothing can replace quality content. Article writing serves to establish your authorship, and your reader must feel he is reading rich and professional content. At Angie’s, we also scan for plagiarism, making sure we publish only original content. We recommend you have your articles proofread and grammar- and spelling checked before you post them. This will certainly enhance your credibility.

Author Bio
Don’t be shy to tell the reader a bit about yourself and include contact information such as your name, email address, website, and social networks. As soon as you manage to impress your readers with your writing, it is likely they will want to read more of your articles.